Summary: How many have had a family member or friend that was or is currently a Mason? Most people don’t know very much about this group except for their generous works that they do for children.

How many have had a family member or friend that was or is currently a Mason? Most people don’t know very much about this group except for their generous works that they do for children. Their hospitals have the most elaborate and state of the art facilities! They provide free medical services to many deserving children.

Again, this teaching is not aimed at this part of Masonry - rather to exposes the spiritual misinformation about this benevolent group and warn Christians that might be in fellowship with this cult!

Most people think that Masonry and Christianity are compatible – or that the Bible is silent on the rituals and system of belief that Masonry holds to.

Did you know that of all the denominations (not including Catholic) in America, Southern Baptists hold the most membership in Freemasonry?

One former Mason (a SBC pastor) wrote, “I for one can never understand how anyone who takes an exclusive view of Christ as the only complete revelation of God’s truth can become a Freemason without suffering from spiritual schizophrenia.”

Francis Paul, a 33rd Degree Grand Commander wrote, “As a fraternity, we are always ready to be judged-severely and critically.”

1. So What Is Masonry?

It is a powerful, centuries old fraternal order starting back in the 18th century. Many of our Founding Fathers were Masons. You were someone if you were a member of a Lodge.

Albert Mackey in the “Revised Encyclopedia of Freemasonry” states, “All Masons unite in declaring it to be a system of morality, by the practice of which its members may advance their spiritual interests, and mount by the theological ladder from the Loge on earth to the Lodge in heaven.”

He continues, “It is a science which is engaged in the search after Divine Truth, and which employs symbolism as its method of instruction. Masonry is that religious and mystical society whose aim is moral perfection…”

2. Is Freemasonry A Religion?

There are 2.5 million Masons in the United States and many of these are Christians. So the question - “As a Christian, are you willingly participating in another religion?”

Most Masons get their dander up when this subject comes up. Alphonse Cerza, a former Grand Historian of Masonry defends Masonry by these 4 points:

· It does not meet the definition of a religion.

· It offers no system or teaching of salvation.

· It has no creed, no confession, no theology, or ritual of worship.

· No symbols that are religious.

Webster’s New World Dictionary defines religion as: “A belief in a divine or superhuman power…to be obeyed and worshiped as the creator and ruler of the universe, belief in conduct and rituals.”

Henry Wilson Coil the most quoted authority in Masonry states as of 1941, “Freemasonry certainly requires a belief in the existence of and man’s dependence upon a Supreme Being to whom he is responsible. What can a church add to that, except to bring into one fellowship those who have like feelings?…that’s exactly what the Lodge does.”

3. Does Masonry Teach Salvation?

Again ask the average Mason this question and he will probably spit cotton!

· This can be documented by looking at any Masonic manual that contains the rituals of the first degree. In it you see the “All Seeing Eye” – a symbol for God. Under it you will find these words, “The All Seeing Eye (God)…beholds for the inmost recesses of the human heart, and will reward us according to our works.”

· The Masonic Ritual ad Monitor under the explanation concerning the lambskin or white apron they wear states, “He who wears the lambskin as a badge of a Mason is thereby continually reminded of purity of life and conduct which is essentially necessary to his gaining admission into that celestial Lodge above, where the Supreme Architect of the universe resides.”

What would you think if you heard this taught in the Lodge? Sounds like a religion to me!

Ephesians 2:8,9 “For by grace you are saved, through faith, not of yourselves, it is a gift of God, not of works, less any man should boast.”

· In Masonry Encyclopedia, Henry Coil argues, “Freemasonry has a religious service to commit the body of a deceased brother to the dust whence it came, and to speed the liberated spirit back to the Great Source of Light. Many Freemasons make this flight with no other guarantee of a safe landing other than their belief in the religion of Freemasonry.”

· Religious symbols can be found in a Lodge. On the Masonic Sacred alter is placed a Bible, a Koran, or other sacred religious books. Hanging over the head of the “Worshipful Master” (the leader of the lodge) is a big letter “G”. This represents the presence of deity. Why not change the name of their meeting place from “Temple” to just building?

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