Summary: The author of this book, James is saying the tongue, though it be very small, is very Powerful, and very influential, and therefore the Tongue should be handled with care



This morning I want to talk to us about The Meanest member in our Church. There are some members we talk about and say “OH AREN’T THEY SWEET” - others we talk about and say “OH AREN’T THEY CUTE” then there are those members in the church when we speak of them we say – “OH THEY ARE SO NICE.” Those are not that ones that I want to shed light upon this morning during our time together. I want to talk about that other member or members, perhaps there are a few that fall into this category I want to briefly address. You know who they are, don’t try to put your head down now, some of you are already looking around the Sanctuary trying to identify - The Meanest member in our Church.

Ushers would you go ahead and pass out the ballots so we can begin our voting process. I’m just kidding! Don’t look around at one another – Don’t start point fingers at the person next to you – Don’t get nervous this morning and think about where you are going to Move your membership. Some of you are probably already thinking that if we were to cast ballots there would most likely be a tie!

If you are wondering who it is, I want to assure you this morning, that this member wins hand down. Not only in this congregation, but every congregation that exists today. Let’s revisit VS. 6 again - “AND THE TONGUE IS A FIRE, A WORLD OF INIQUITY: SO IS THE TONGUE AMONG OUR MEMBERS…”

• The tongue is the meanest member in our church

• The tongue is a fire and a world of iniquity

• I want us to think this morning about the tongue

• The member that is in everybody’s mouth

• So this text refers to you and to me

• Yes, it is - The Meanest member in our Church

James begins to tell us about this member and early on provides a Disclaimer – “The Tongue Can No Man Tame.” This Member has:

• Brought Down Kingdoms

• Destroyed Careers

• Killed Many a Marriage

• Divided Family Circles

• Caused Ciaos in the Local Church

• Split Many a Church

The writer of this book finds it amazing that we can tame animals and mammals, but can’t tame our tongue. Let’s consider what mankind has been able to, at least somewhat tame:

• We have Dancing Bears

• We have Trained Seals

• We have Talking Dolphins

• We have Charmed Snakes

• We have Dogs that do tricks

• We have even trained Killer Whales to perform

• We have Lions that are Trained to open their mouths and men put their heads in their mouth and not be hurt

• We have elephants that can March to commands

• All these creatures have been tamed and trained

• But the tongue in our mouth is untamed and untamable

James introduces us to three factors in this text as it relates to our tongue. If we really pay attention to His Words of Wisdom, perhaps next year The Meanest member in our Church can win the Award for “The Best Turn Around.” There are three things that I want to lift from this text:

• The Influence of the Tongue

• The Iniquity of the Tongue

• The Inconsistency of the Tongue

I remember the many years I spent in the Military stationed in Texas – Germany – New Jersey - Belgium. Whenever our quarters were packed and ready to be shipped to our next Duty Assignment – I remember there were always a few boxes set aside that were labeled – Handle with Care. This would alert the receiving end to the fact there were Fragile items contained within that particular box. This would alert the Handlers they must Pay Closer Attention and Handle those particular boxes different than they handle the rest.

The author of this book, James is saying the tongue, though it be very small, is very Powerful, and very influential, and therefore the Tongue should be handled with care.

• The tongue can Direct

• The tongue can Destroy

• The tongue can Delight

• The tongue is a very powerful thing

Many times in Church as well as in our Family life, we have the tendency to treat the person with care instead of challenging them to take ownership of their own Tongue. We will treat the Person as Fragile because:

• We don’t want them to Go Off

• We don’t want them to lose it on Us

• We don’t want them to blackout on everyone around them

• We know what will happen if that Member takes control

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