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Summary: Discipleship equals growth!!!

The Meaning of Discipleship

What is discipleship?

-To the Greek, the process of discipleship is a way to pass down ideas, thingking…Example: Plato, Aristotle…

-In modern days, discipleship taking place on city street corner.

-Local drug pusher is a discipler the looking for a young people who can not only to become addicted, but to become his distributor.

I am a product of a discipler of a different kind: how my dad serve, my dad goes to church, how he preach…

-So the word “disciple” =student.

In Greek there are 2 kinds of meaning.

1) learn what the discipler knows- like schools, you got the information, you learn, you exam, the process stops here.

2) Practice out what you learn-example : a surgeon, he learn what to cut, when to cut, how to cut…but if this surgeon is doing an operation on yr love ones, it needs further discussion. Regardless of his grades, he’s not ready to cut anywhere until he have some hands-on supervised training. That’s where he turn his information into professional.

For our purpose, discipleship shouldn’t be the first kind but the second kind. Today I want to share 4 important points on discipleship with you.

1. Discipleship is a process of spiritual development.

Have you thought of why some believers are still not mature after a certain of time?

Mathematic formula: Distance = Speed X Time

-Some people have been a Christian for many years yet still immature spiritually why? They did not lack of time, they simply never got up the speed.

-Some people very fast…Speed

-I’m running & you’re walking, it’s ok even if you start first, I’ll cover the distance faster than you.

-God has no favorites, its’ simply (Speed X Time) A difference between a running Christian and a walking Christian.

1 Cor 3:1-3

Paul wrote this 55A.D (5 yrs after he started the church)

-5 yrs!!! Paul expected the people to have change life. baby Christian should have mature, their behavior should have change.

-If you are eager to grow, to stop being a crawling baby to a mature Christian, then work on yr speed and time.

-god is fair enough to give us 24 hours in day.

How to apply in our cell group?

2. Discipleship should works within an environment of loving accountability.

-Now adays an expectant mother can choose how to deliever her baby. Baby can be born without help, but after that baby can’t raise themselves.

-Baby Christian are no different. They can born without help, but they cant grow themselves.

-Discipleship helps them to grow in an environment of loving and accountability.

Example: Jesus…stays with the disciples, eat with them…..

-To constantly create that atmosphere is very important. Why?

Example: A body when it has a virus, it will work it self…start affecting the cell around it.

If it for a long time then a tumor can happen. But God created a different cell in our body call antibodies, they will fight the cell and it will destroy the cell. You don’t have to thing about it, it happen in a healthy cell.

Church:….bringing a fren to cell is like a bringing infection….(unforgiveness, hatred, ..)but the right cell need to automatically got to work to fight ad change the cell, and not let it influence you.

Many times, we see people are not influcing, but are bring influence, and the cell slowly died.

-we want to build a healthy cell and not a big cell. A healthy cell is measure by its spirituality.

1 tim 3:14-15

3. Discipleship is progressive movement toward maturity.

-you will never call a 2 yr old girl immature when she plays her toys.

-but you will say that to a 22 girl old girl if she still do that.

Behavior change.

-We want to see behavior change!!

2 Cor 3:18

-Ah hais son look like him

-When people see you they see Jesus.!!

4. The process of discipleship repeats itself.

How do you know when you have become a mature disciple? When you begin discipling others!!

1 cor 11:1 How do you feel when you read that? Uneasy? Good!! Let’s go back to accountability.

It has nothing wrong to follow people…

As long as the person is following Jesus.

Because that’s how discipleship takes place.

The difficult part is people people are complaining. I have all the supervise in my life and im having that in CHURCH!!!

The more you need to have that if you want to see growth.

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