Summary: A Father's Day sermon.

1 Timothy 6:11-12 KJV But thou, O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness. [12] Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.


A. Measurements in the World

-We live in a world that depends of secure and unchanging measurements. In fact there are government agencies that go around doing tests on various devices to make sure that companies are being honest in the selling of goods.

-When you go to the gas pumps, you will see a seal there that lists the name of a state agency that has determined that the pump has delivered exactly one gallon of gas accurately. What if the measurement of a gallon was variable? What if one company would give ¾ ‘s of a gallon and yet say it was a gallon? The public would rise up in arms because the companies would be guilty of cheating the consumer.

-The Food and Drug Administration also has a division that spends time inspecting pharmaceutical companies to make sure that when they say that the drug has 1000 milligrams in it that it has that precise amount. Every 1000 mgs will always equal 1 gram. What if drug companies decided to have variable amounts of the contents of chemicals that went into developing the drug? It would have a huge impact on our health.

-The building industry is also regulated by inspectors who have determined that 12 inches will always be equivalent to one foot. Our world would be full of engineering disasters if the standards of measurements all degenerated into such a state of chaos.

-There are other measurements that we could explore today also. The matter of time has great impact on how airports function, how hospitals schedule procedures, and how the shipping industry works. The matter of money also has a great impact on local, national, and world economies. If there was great variability in any of these categories it would have a very negative impact on the order of our world.

B. Measurements in the Spiritual World

-The same thing can be said for the scope of the spiritual world where the traffic of men’s souls moves not just on a daily docket but on an eternal path. There are measurements that we can find in the Word of God that can help us to see which way to go.

-I have a little book in my personal library that was written in 1666. While I don’t have an original copy, what I do have is just as good—a reprint done by the Banner of Truth Trust. The title of this little book is The Godly Man’s Portrait by Thomas Watson.

-A little over 250 pages, it has twelve chapters that are directly written toward what a godly man looks like. It was quite a popular book 400 years ago when men were concerned about being godly.

-Its popularity has long since departed in our society and it isn’t likely to hit the New York Times Bestseller List any time soon. But he lists twenty-four different points in showing what a godly man looks like.

-It is a sense of measurement that helped men in a bygone era to see what God longed for in the saints.

-According to Watson, he discovered the Bible said that a godly man is:

• A man of knowledge.

• A man moved by faith.

• A man fired by love.

• A man like God.

• A man careful about the worship of God.

• A man who serves God and not men.

• A man who prizes Jesus Christ.

• A man who can weep.

• A man who loves the Word.

• A man who has the Spirit of God residing in him.

• A man of humility.

• A man of prayer.

• A man of sincerity.

• A heavenly man.

• A zealous man.

• A patient man.

• A thankful man.

• A man who loves the saints.

• A man who does not indulge himself in sin.

• A man who is good in his relationships.

• A man who does spiritual things in a spiritual manner.

• A man thoroughly trained in religion.

• A man who walks with God.

• A man who strives to be an instrument for making others godly.

-Instead of men who are pursuing the American dream, or chasing after empty pots of gold, or giving themselves a pass that leans toward laziness and checking out from responsibility, these are some measurements that are going to require work to obtain.

-But what if there were just a handful of men in this city who wanted to say, “I want to measure up to what God wants me to be!” Our churches would change, our families would change, and our destinations would change.

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