6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: Jesus; The greatest Preacher of all times! An exposition from Jesus showing us how to frame a message.

The Sermon (message)

I. The Prodigy of this Sermon; vs.12

A. With John not preaching, someone had to

II. The Progression of this Sermon; vs. 13-15

A. Left comfort zone

B. Fulfilled;

1. prophecy

2. plan

3. purpose

a. our built in DNA sequence for peace

III. The Pupils for this Sermon; vs. 16

A. Those in darkness

B. All peoples waiting for light

IV. The Principle Point of this Sermon; vs. 17

A. Repent

B. Notice; no three points, illustrations, or

expository notes

C. Notice; Simple, plain truth

V. The Purpose of this Sermon; vs. 18-22

A. Lives changed

B. Follow Jesus

C. Conform to His teachings

VI. The Progression of this Sermon; vs. 23

A. Teaching- life giving principles

B. Preaching- truth’s from the Gospel

C. Healing- words of Christ soothe deepest


VII. The Publication of this Sermon; vs. 24

A. they brought to Him all sick

VIII. The Prosperity of this Sermon; vs. 25

A. multitudes followed Him

IX. The Paradox of this Sermon; 5:1

A. multitudes helped

B. few stayed to go deeper

X. The Pearl of Great Price from this Sermon;

A. Repent

B. Repent

C. Repent

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