Summary: Jesus' methods in selecting His followers.

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John 1:35-51

Int. When our Lord Jesus began His efforts to establish the Kingdom of God among men, He chose to do so by using methods that were completely different from the strategies that others have used down through history.

Everything that He taught as well as everything He did, was within the framework of an invisible reality, a God whom men had never seen, a habitation that could not be measured, and a power that has no limits. All this was set against an invisible and malignant being whom He called the devil.

To all who would follow Him, He simply issued an invitation. No one was embarrassed, or coerced or forced into becoming His disciple or His friend. He gave each one who heard Him a choice.

He promised that for each one who would serve in His Kingdom, he must be willing to sacrifice and possibly to suffer hardships, and his relation to Him must rise above all other earthly commitments.

Any other so-called leader of men would fail miserably if he chose to build a following in this way. And yet, the methods our Lord used have proved to be effective for some 2,000 years. Other kingdoms have come and gone, but the Church our Lord purchased with His blood still stands and will continue to stand!

In our text, we have an interesting account of how our Lord applied His methods in the lives of His first disciples.

I. In Andrew’s encounter with the Master, we find that Jesus made a Penetrating Inquiry

The New Testament is filled with spiritual things, but from time to time, we have some great stories>

A. The Unique Declaration John the Baptist Announced

When John said, “Look, the Lamb of God!”, he focused the attention of his hearers on Jesus as the basis for the divine forgiveness of sin and for the assurance that their repentance would be accepted. This prompted them to investigate who Jesus is. If Jesus were what John said, and if they were able to meet Him, they felt that Jesus could do for them what John, the Baptist could never do. John could awaken their sense of sin, but he had no power to remove it.

So, these two approached Jesus. We know that one is Andrew and more than likely, the other is John, the one who wrote this account of the Gospel since he never mentions himself by name in his account. When they chose to go to Jesus, this would prove to become a decisive act that would determine their destiny forever.

B. The Heart-searching Challenge in Jesus’ question

When Jesus saw them approaching, He asked, “What do you want?” His words were more than just a casual question, He was actually searching their hearts. It appears that He desired to stimulate their thinking and encourage their desire for further knowledge. He wanted to deepen their interest in spiritual things.

This question could be sounded to every person in the world, and only Jesus is in a position to ask it. Everyone wants something. The real question is, is what we ask for really what we want? Often Jesus asked questions, but not to gain information, but to awaken one’s true needs.

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