Summary: God's plan is to bring his children to the mindset of the just.

God's plan is to bring his children to the mindset of the just. This mindset only comes by the Word, in other words we are to expose our minds into the Word so much so, that the Word cultures our thinking. Luke 1:17 says concerning Jesus, "And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just." The Word wisdom in this verse is translated from the the Greek Word "Phronesis" and it means mindset. Through the Word, God is looking to turn our minds to the phronesis (wisdom/mindset) of the just.

A Mindset is a fixed mental disposition which pre-determines how you will respond to situations and your interpretations of such situations. You will see life based on your mindset, the way your life will go will be based on your mindset.When you have a mindset (phronesis) of the just, you can no longer be controlled by your environment, you will rule over the environment from your spirit. This pronesis will cause you to remain unshaken regardless of what is happening around you, come rain or sunshine, your fixed mental attitude remains the same.

Smith wigglesworth once said, " I am not moved by what I see, I'm only moved by the Word of God." The man had a phronesis (wisdom) of the just, he made up his mind that regardless of what happened he would remain steadfast on the Word. The Word of God is true even when it seems like the opposite of what is written is happening, phronesis stands on the Word in the midst of a chaos. They told Paul how that he would be bound and taken as a prisoner in Jerusalem, and they begged him not to go to Jerusalem because he risked being killed, and he responded saying " Non of these things move me " (Acts 20). Paul had the phronesis of the just, his mindset remained the same, even with a threat over his life. Last example to illustrate this wisdom, Prince Charles of England once had a wild bull charging towards him, it looked like that bull would kill him, but the man did not run, he remained standing where he was as the bull kept coming. Somebody had to run towards him, and knocked him aside before the bull got to him. The reason he did not move, was because he was taught from childhood that the Prince of England cannot run from anything out of fear. He rather die than run like a coward. This was his phronesis (mindset/wisdom).

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