Summary: Third sermon in a series on being a Great Kingdom Church.

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The Ministry Factor

Matthew 14:13-21

I. Kingdom Ministry is Selfless (v. 13-14)

A. It may interrupt life (v.13a)

Being involved in Ministry:

• Rearranges our priorities – “Seek ye first the kingdom of God” – Matt 6:33

• Moves us from being “ME” focused – The priest & Levite in the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37)

• Moves us to being “OTHERS” focused (The Good Samaritan)

B. It may involve help those that can’t help you

“…but when the multitudes heard it they followed Him on foot..” – v. 13b

C. It may require simply opening our eyes

1. To the needs within our body

2. To the needs within our communities

3. To the needs of our world

II. Kingdom Ministry is Surrender (v. 15-18)

A. A Surrender of Excuses (v. 15)

1. Be a minister where God places you

• Home

• Church

• Workplace

• Schools

2. Be a minister to those God places in your path

3. Be a minister to those God sends you

B. A Surrender of What We Have (v. 17)

“You are the only person on earth who can use your ability” – Zig Ziglar

1. God asks for your availability

2. God can take our little and do much

C. A Surrender of Our Self Dependence (v. 16, 18)

To Be Effective in Kingdom Ministry We Must:

• Recognize our power for ministry – The Holy Spirit

• Recognize our reason for ministry – To lift up Christ

• Recognize our target for ministry – To edify & encourage others

III. Kingdom Ministry is Servant Minded (v. 18-21)

A. To be Servant minded is submission (v. 18-19a)

1. Submission to Christ

2. Submission to each other

3. Submission to a mission

B. To be servant minded is action (v. 19b)

1. because of His action

2. Because of our commission

C. To be servant minded is fulfilling

1. To others

2. To you in this life

3. To you in the life to come (Matthew 25:21,23)

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