Summary: "Encouragement" is God’s plan, program, and command. This message utilizes the use of "Encouragement Cards" to fulfill God’s plan for us to encourage others.

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“The Ministry Of Encouragement”


“O give me a home, where the buffalo roam,

Where the deer and the antelope play;

Where seldom is heard, a DISCOURAGING word,

And the skies are not cloudy all day.”

Can you imagine that? … No DISCOURAGING words!

Ever been DISCOURAGED? Not a good feeling.

- MAYBE … some of you are DISCOURAGED … NOW.

- IF NOT … may be before too long.

WHY? IF … a Christian … THAT’S 1 of the OBJECTIVES of Satan … to DISCOURAGE you.

- SINCE … he can’t “un-save” you … he will DISCOURAGE you.

“Discouraging words” will eat away your … joy … desire to serve Him … worship … read word … pray.

· ENCOURAGEMENT … is like a SOOTHING SALVE on a fresh sunburn.

· ENCOURAGEMENT … is God’s VITAMIN to perk us up & get us going again.

· ENCOURAGEMENT … is the ANTI-BIOTIC to fight the infection of DISCOURAGEMENT.

· ENCOURAGEMENT … can do wonders to an AILING SOUL.

NOW … Let’s take a look at the IMPORTANCE of a “Ministry Of Encouragement”.

JESUS knew the IMPORTANCE of an encouraging word.

1.- WHEN … LAZARUS, a friend of Jesus, DIED … his sisters, Mary & Martha were DISCOURAGED & disappointed in Jesus.

John Ch. 11 – all turn

The FIRST THING Jesus did … WAS … give them words of ENCOURAGEMENT – 11:23

BUT … He wasn’t the ONLY ONE.

11:19 – “comfort” = ‘encourage’ – GK – (paramutheomai) – “par-am-oo-theh’-om-ahee”

THEN … 11:31

2.- There was a LEVITE in early Church named JOSEPH.

· He gave liberally to the Church … sold some land & gave it to the Apostles.

· When none would take in Saul … Joseph took him in … got Paul started in his ministry.

· He headed up Paul’s 1st Missionary journey.

· He encouraged Mark when Paul split w/ him.

His NAME was “Joseph of Cyrus”.

- MAYBE … you’ve never heard of him … BECAUSE … they CHANGED HIS NAME.

- They started calling him “Son of Encouragement”.

WHO is this man? Acts 4:36 – all turn – BARNABAS!

He was such an ENCOURAGER to others … they RE-NAMED him “Son of Encouragement”.

The Scriptures ENCOURAGE us to ENCOURAGE each other … WHY?


ANYTIME you ENCOURAGE someone else … the end result is “glory to God”.

- It’s IMPOSSIBLE to ENCOURAGE someone … WITHOUT … glorifying God!

There’s lots we can do to DISHONOR God … speech … habits … prayerlessness … lifestyle.

- BUT … HERE’S A WAY to bring HONOR & GLORY to God … AND … it’s SO EASY!

EXAMPLE: Someone is LONELY … HOW can you ENCOURAGE them?

VISIT … BUT … may be impossible … too far … not able …

IDEA: Send them an “Encouragement Card” … (I printed up enough to put 1 in every bulletin, with extras on the table).

This is an EASY, WONDERFUL ministry that YOU can do.

IF … you’ve ever been DISCOURAGED … you know how IMPORTANT this is.

Some of the most UPLIFTING things I have ever received … IS … a letter/card/e-mail from someone who just wants to ENCOURAGE me.

SOMETIMES … I’ll get a card/letter from someone from my past 30 yrs. of ministry … WHO … OUT-OF-THE-BLUE … writes to tell me what my ministry has meant to them in their life.

· THINK … what an “Encouragement Card” would mean to a FORMER PASTOR … who thinks their ministry has been in vain … had no impact on anybody’s life.

· WHAT ABOUT … the person who LED YOU TO THE LORD … Ever THANKED them?

· HOW ABOUT … a S.S. Teacher from years gone by … OR … current S.S. Teacher.

· THINK … of a Christian who has meant a lot to you … been an INSPIRATION … EVER LET THEM KNOW?


THINK … what a “Word of Encouragement” will do in their life.

· IT WILL … revive their faith … give renewed energy … lift their spirits … for the GLORY OF GOD!

· IT WILL … put a “spring in their step” … a spark of joy in their heart.

What a THRILL it is to know … THAT … God has used YOU to minister to them.

BIBLE SAYS … the “Comforter” … the “Encourager” … LIVES W/IN every believer … the Holy Spirit.

- ENCOURAGING OTHERS … IS … simply allowing the Holy Spirit to do His work THRU you … TO … give “Glory to God”.

1.- Encouragement Gives Glory To God


“comforted” = ‘encouraged’ – GK – (paramutheomai) – “par-am-oo-theh’-om-ahee”

EXAMPLE given of Father/Children.

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