Summary: Joseph & Mary believed God’s Word and trusted Him. God’s plan for their lives was not an easy one. Though things were difficult, God blessed them. Through their obedience, the world has been blessed.

A miracle happened on Christmas Day. God stepped into this world.

• Jesus Christ, who is God, was born. He was born with a purpose - to save you and me from our sin and give us the hope of eternal life.

• This great plan of God was fulfilled because two persons were willing to trust and obey God. They were willing to offer their service to God.

Joseph and Mary are willing to place their lives in God’s hand.

• God announced His plan to them through angels, on separate occasions.

• An angel Gabriel was sent to tell Mary God’s plan (in Luke 1:26ff.)

• Another angel was sent to Joseph in his dream (Matt 1:20ff.)

Both were shocking news, out of the ordinary.

• Both of them could have been planning for their wedding, but God stepped in.

• Their wedding plan has been rattled.

• Mary was told that she would have a child, and to name him Jesus.

Neither of them planned for this to happen. Can they trust God in this?

• How are they going to tell their family, relatives and friends?

• We read here in this passage, Joseph has a difficult decision to make. Should he believe Mary’s words, or should he just decide to break off the engagement?

Of course, we know the rest of the story.

• They both believed God and obeyed Him. They placed their lives in His hands, and God used them greatly.

• Not only were they blessed, they become a blessing to the rest of the world.

When God calls us to serve Him, it is always a test of our faith in Him.


It takes faith. They need to trust what God said He will do.

God did not ask Joseph and Mary for their opinion to His plan; He just told them.

• The angel did not ask Mary or Joseph whether God’s plan was acceptable to them. God simply announces His plan and His will for their lives.

• When God calls us to serve Him, it is always a test of our faith in Him.

God is omniscient, the wise God who knows all things. We are called to put our trust in Him.

• When Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandments, the people were simply asked to obey. They will be blessed if they do.

• When we read His Word and know the truth, we are asked to believe it and obey what He says.

God need not have to ask us, "What do you think? Is this alright with you?"

• He would not be God if He is not sure what is good and right and true.

• God simply proclaims the truth. He cannot lie. When He speaks, it is always the truth.

• The Lord says, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” (Matt 24:35)

God has a plan for your life. You are designed to live under His love and care.

• Jesus comes so that you can know God and be saved from your sin.

• The angel tells Joseph to name the child JESUS, “because he will save His people from their sins.” (Matt 1:21)

• This is the truth. The world is in need of a Saviour and God sent us Jesus.

• Will you believe Him? Are you willing to believe Him?

When God calls us to serve Him, it is always a test of our faith in Him.


Sometimes we think that if we are in God’s will, everything will be a bed of roses; life will be without trouble or difficulty.

• That’s how most people think. God is there to make them happy, rich & successful.

• God is there only for their sake, to fulfil their will, to bless them. They have misunderstood God.

Look at Joseph and Mary.

(1) The child came at about the time they need to travel to Bethlehem to pay tax.

• They had to travel a long distance while Mary was with child.

• And at this time of the year, it will be difficult to find a room in Bethlehem.

• Why didn’t God arrange in such a way so that the child comes before they need to travel, or after that?

(2) The baby had to be born in a manger because there was no room in the Inn.

• We can imagine the young couple’s frustration – having travelled so far, pregnant with child, exhausted and ready to deliver, and they cannot even find a decent place to rest.

• Why didn’t God provide a 5-star hotel room for them? Why didn’t God make life easy for Joseph and Mary, since they are obeying His will?

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