Summary: This powerful message will help you to understand why you need the Holy Spirit and how to receive the Holy Spirit!

“The Missing Element”

I. Introduction

A missing element can make a world of difference. When something crucial is missing it can have devastating effects. If you don’t believe that ask:

a. A Chemist

b. Your mother when she is trying to make bread and discovers that the recipe calls for yeast and she has none. The missing element can be crucial.

c. The mechanic that is working on your car and discovers that the last big bump you hit caused a part to fall off of your car. The missing element can cause you to have problems.

d. The person who has worked for hours on the jig saw puzzle only to discover that the last piece is missing.

e. The person who is trying to start the computer program only to find that there is a file missing.

f. Or ask a student on test day when there is a 25 point question and you don’t have the answer.

The missing element can make a huge difference in your life. And with this thought in mind I would like to suggest to you that we have a missing element. There is something that has been lost. Is it:

a. Worship – No we have not have perfected it or gone as far with it as we should, but we have more training, more exposure to tapes, and more music than you can shake a stick at. Every contemporary music singer seems to be offering worship albums. We are not short on worship.

b. Prayer – No, although we could stand to kneel longer we have had more teaching and preaching on prayer than perhaps any other generation.

c. Programs – No, most churches have more programs, committees, organizational skills than we have ever seen before.

But it is evident that there is a missing element. It is evident when you discover that less than 33% of teenagers shared their faith with another person in the last 12 months, and half of all the youth ministries in America did not win one new convert to Christ last year. It becomes apparent that we are missing something when you understand that there is no difference in the way that Christian teens live their lives compared to those who are not Christians.

Christians Non-Christians

Ever watched a porno movie? 32% 41%

Cheated on a test or exam? 29% 27%

Had sexual intercourse? 23% 29%

Used an illegal drug? 4% 11%

Tried to commit suicide? 3% 7%

Stolen money or material thing? 6% 7%

Among Christian teens 45% of those surveyed contend that sometimes lying is necessary.

Something is missing. However, we are not the first to miss this crucial ingredient in our Christian life. After Jesus’ crucifixion the disciples are quite, reserved, scared, in hiding, and hampered by a survival mentality. They were missing something. But suddenly they become a revolutionary force that changes the world! If we are going to impact our world and our generation it is imperative that we discover and secure this missing element in our life.


Acts 19:1-2

IV. The Missing Element

The missing element in most of our lives is the Holy Spirit. Paul came into contact with some Christians and immediately addressed their deficiency. He was in their face about their need of this element in their life.

Why is it so crucial for us to have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?

a. Power to Witness

The Holy Spirit is crucial because He enables and empowers us to witness. The Holy Spirit is not just about goose bumps and other tongues. His purpose is to give us that extra amount of courage and desire to share the gospel with others. It wasn’t natural ability or boldness that caused that intimidated group of disciples to become great witnesses. It was after they had received the Holy Spirit that they were able to get out of their clique and comfort zone to reach out to others. Acts 1:8 tells us from the very beginning that we will receive power to witness when we receive. The Holy Spirit isn’t just for you it is really about those you are called to reach. Too many of you are just too quite about Jesus. It is time for you to get so filled with the power of the Holy Spirit that you can’t be contained. So full of the Spirit that you won’t be intimidated or embarrassed to open your mouth and be a witness. When was the last time you spoke up and told someone about Jesus? The Holy Spirit is the missing element.

b. Comfort

The Holy Spirit is also crucial because He is our comforter. Some of you are facing some dire situation when you go home. Your home life is in chaos. Your mother or father is out of control. Depression, anger, bitterness may be normal. However, the Holy Spirit is the comforter that can help you stay calm, cool, and collected in any situation. Even facing the hardest situations you can have peace and comfort in your soul. Most of us don’t understand how Stephen could kneel praying as men full of hate and anger threw rocks at him. The entire time they were killing him Stephen held his tongue, he refused to lash out. How? We forget that Stephen was described as man full of the Holy Spirit. If you are dreading going home. If you are facing tough circumstances and a tough environment and don’t know how you are going to make it you need what Stephen had. You need the Holy Spirit. You will have the comfort to face death without flinching.

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