3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: To let people know that no matter how times have changed and the methods in which we serve have changed, but in all that THE MISSION IS STILL SAME.



There have been numerous changes in the which church and religion are concerned. Some people doctrine one way, and some do it another. We have Methodist, Catholic, Baptist, Holiness, and now we have Non-Denominational. We have these churches who shout, and those who don’t. We seemingly believe in operating in our own way, but in all these different types of worship, the mission is still the same. It does not matter what church you attend, the majority of the sermons or messages are focused around the same character. Jesus. The preaching may be different, and may be unusual, but the mission is still the same. Well, what is this mission that you keep talking about. This mission is trying to make people aware of the emasculate amount of joy and comfort you find in serving God. Since I heard my first preacher as a little kid preach, I have heard many more, but they have all had the same general goal and mission, and that is to save some lost soul. The messages may have been different, but all these preachers are preparing the way for the coming of Christ. So you see no matter what denomination you are, the mission is still the same.

Just as Christians our mission is still the same as those old Christians, the devils mission is still the same. Well, what do you mean? Since the beginning of time the devils mission has been to kill anybody that wishes to serve God. And just because it is 2003, and just because we have had women’s conferences, and men’s conference, and just because we are Rev. Dr. now, and Bishops, his mission has not changed. The mission is still the same for the devil and the mission is still the same for the saints. As funny as it may sound we could learn or take a lesson from the devil. That is persistence, because he is ever on his job. The same way he is bound on destroying us, we should be as determined to have everlasting life.

I want to briefly show you exactly how much the mission has remained has the same. The Bible says that John was sent to pave the way for Jesus. Now John was a strange looking and acting person, not like any other preacher. He wore camels skin and ate bugs and honey now that’s strange. John did not have a very deep message, and he did not have any training, but what he had was the Holy Ghost. He did not have a very extensive vocabulary, but it was something about how he said what he said, the holy ghost would sprinkle the anointing over those words and people would come running to the water saying baptize me. John was sent the Bible says for a purpose, and John had a mission. The Bible says that John came to bear witness of the light. His mission was to let the people know that Jesus was coming. The Bible says he came to make people aware of the light, and I want you to know that we as Christians have been sent to tell some a sinner about the light. Because had it not been for somebody showing us the light we still would in the darkness of sin. Just like John was different from any other preacher or prophets, but his mission was the same as there’s, and that is to offer sinners a chance to step into the light. Does not matter who you are, or where you are if you are a Christian your mission is the same as some other Christian. You may be Rev. Dr. so and so but your mission is still the same. You may be Bishop, but your mission is still the same. A lot of people have lost a sense of what the mission is. We have gotten too consumed in titles and with the size of our sanctuary, but I stopped by to tell you that the labels do not measure you you ware, but by the fruit you bare. Too many of us try to be too profound and too prolific of preachers and that’s all-good but don’t loose sight of the mission. Because the mission is still the same. Churches, you need to remember the mission, because I don’t care how big your church is, if you don’t carryout the mission it you want prosper. Because you can be Baptist or Holiness; Catholic or Methodist, but the mission is still the same. Church members our mission is still the same. Our mission is to fight that devil, and to win at all cost. No matter what trial comes, remember that the mission still the same. Preachers our mission is not to drive all those big cars and ware all those suits, all that is good, but don’t let that drive your ministry God has given you. Remember the mission is still the same as when you did not have all that material stuff. And that is to get some sinner hear the word of the Lord. THE MISSION IS STILL THE SAME!

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