Summary: This is the 2nd sermon in the series "Reality".

Series: Reality [#2]


Joshua 7:1-8:2


The reality show The Mole follows 14 players as they try to figure out who among them is The Mole. By working as a team to complete a series of challenging physical and mental games, the players earn money for the pot — up to $1 million — which one winner will eventually take home. Working undercover against the team, however, is The Mole, a double agent planted by the producers to sabotage the players’ money-earning efforts. It is the goal of each player to decide who they think The Mole is and then learn as much about him or her as possible. At the end of each one-hour episode, the group is given a quiz on The Mole’s identity. The player who knows the least information about The Mole is immediately sent home. In the final dramatic episode, The Mole is revealed, and the one remaining player wins the jackpot.

In Joshua chapter 7 we find a very similar situation. There was a mole in the camp and his presence was destroying the Israelites.

Joshua and the Israelites had done as God commanded them and circled the walls of Jericho and on the 7th day the men blew the trumpets and shouted and the walls fell down. The Israelites were ordered to go in and kill every one except Rahab’s family. They were also told not to take any of the devoted things. God wanted this great city of sin completely destroyed. God wanted his people to be separated from sin.

The Mole

Although Israel did as God had said, one man sinned against God.

Joshua 7:1

The sin of one person meant the sin of the whole nation of Israel. Joshua then sent men to Ai and to go see the size of the people there. When the men returned they reported to Joshua that not very many men were needed.

Joshua 7:3-5

Joshua begins to ask God why they were defeated and God gives Joshua his answer.

Joshua 7:6-12

Notice in verse 11 that God said Israel has sinned, not Achan has sinned. Just as Achan, when one member of the body of Christ sins, the whole body is affected.

1 Corinthians 12:12-14

1 Corinthians 12:24-27

Notice in verse 26 that if one member suffers the entire body suffers. When one person is sinning the entire body is affected by it. Let’s go back to Joshua. In verse 10 look how God gets a hold of Joshua. Stand up! Israel had sinned and God wanted something done. God cannot look upon sin. We must be cleansed of our sins and God told Joshua that the Israelite army would not be victorious until they were rid of their sins. What does that say to us today? We as a church need to get rid of the sin if we want to see revival come to this church.

Joshua 7:12-15

The Mole Exposed

The people were to sanctify themselves. This meant that the Israelites were to undergo purification rites. This right prepared the people to approach God and constantly reminded them of their sinfulness and His holiness. Do you go to God each day for cleansing of you sins? You will never be victorious in your daily battles until you are cleansed from those sins.

Joshua 7:14-15

The people were to stand tribe by tribe before the Lord waiting to see who was guilty.

Joshua 7:16-21

Can you imagine how the people felt standing their as Joshua called forward the tribe of Judah, then the clan of the Zerahites and then the family of Zabs; and then Achan.

Achan did not take God’s commands seriously. This sin probable seemed minor to Achan but look at the affects it had on an entire nation. We must remember that sin is sin and it affects the church. No matter how small we thing the sin is doesn’t change what it is. Let’s look back at the results of Achan’s sin: 1) Many men died. 2) Israel’s army was paralyzed with fear. 3) The leader faltered and was confused. 4) God said He might withdraw His presence from the people. 5) Achan and his family had to be destroyed.

Although Israel was being torn apart by sin, after the sin was rid of, then God blessed His People.

The Winners

Joshua 8:1-2

Now that Israel was cleansed for Achan’s sin, Joshua prepared to attack Ai again, but this time with God’s direction. The results were much different: 1) Encouragement from God. 2) God’s presence in battle. 3) God’s guidance and protection.

If you are serving God and are staying in His will, your life will be blessed and so will the body of Christ. Does your life uplift Jesus Christ and the church body or are your sins holding the body down? If you have hidden sin in your heart, you are affecting the body. Are you trying to hide your sin like Achan did? Today, you must confess that to God.

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