Summary: The most dangerous thing you can ever do is .....


* There are many dangerous things you can do. * But I believe the most dangerous thing a person

can do is rebel against God and not do what He says to do.

* One of the hardest things to do after we are saved is to persevere, or continue in the faith,

* without being detoured by the devil. * The devil sets out a lot of detours on the road of life!

A) Moses, here, is instructing the children of Reuben and of Gad that they are to go over the

River Jordon, and help the other ten tribes subdue the land of Canaan,

* After which, they could then return to the east side of Jordon if they desired.

B) What he was saying was this: "There is a great need beyond the river."

* "You are needed to meet the need and to do the work of God!"

* "If you can go & do as the Lord has commanded us, you can help meet the need that is there,

the need that God put you here to meet, then you can go & do what you want to do."

C) "Then you can come back to this land & you can say that it is the land that God has given you."

* "But if not, beware!" * If you are not willing to do your part, beware!"

D) God expects all of us to do our part! * Our part may be different than our neighbor’s part;

* But all of us have a part to do! * All of us have a role to play, all of us have something to do!

* In other words, Moses warned them that if they did not go & help their brothers defeat the

enemy, they were committing a great sin and that God would deal with that sin!

E) Now wait a minute! * He said, "Your sin." * Was He talking about the sin of adultery? NO!

* Was He talking about the sin of drunkenness? NO! * Immorality? NO! * Homosexuality? NO!

* What sin is He talking about? * He is talking about the sin of not doing what you’re supposed to

do and what God has made you to do! * That’s the great sin here that God will judge!

F) The Bible is clear and has given us illustration after illustration that we must do what God has

called us to do! * If we don’t do it, be sure our sin will find us out!

* If we were to walk through the pages of the Bible, we could take testimonies from many people!

* I’d like for us to do that for just a few minutes this morning! * I’d like for us to take a little journey

through the scriptures & take note of the most dangerous thing you could ever do!

* I’d like for us to start as:


* In that fresh grave, they have just covered up the body of their son. * His name was Abel!

* Cain, their other son, had slain his brother! * Now, mom & dad have had to take the body of

that son, Abel, that cold, lifeless body, and place it in a cold, dark grave!

A) God had told Adam one day in Gen.2:17 "But of the tree of the knowledge of good ......."

* That had been many years before. * They had already faced God over that.

* They had already said, "God, I’m sorry." * God had made a covering to cover their nakedness,

* and clothed them in His righteousness because they had forsaken their righteousness!

B) Many years before, they had done this! * Surely it’s all in the past, never to face it again!

* But as Adam & Eve put that son in the grave, they died with him! * How many times,

* do you think that Adam & Eve died inside, when they passed that grave?

* How many times do you suppose they shed tears?

C) One would find the other gathered around that grave weeping! * How much do you think,

* their hearts were broken when they covered up that lifeless body? * Never seen death before!

* It was like covering up their own selves, their own dreams, their own lives!

* Hey Adam, Can you get by with sin? * Adam would scream his answer to you,

* NO! Be sure your sin will find you out! * Let’s go a little farther:


* There are two small children playing beside him. * There is a cave behind him.

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