Summary: An evangelistic sermon encouraging disciples to go back to valley to rescue those who have no hope.

The Mountain of Hope

Isaiah 2:2, 3; Hebrew 12:22-24 I Peter 2:9, 10

1. Isaiah 2:2, 3, Hebrews 12:22-24,28-29; I Peter 2:9,10- As Christians we live in a high and exalted place.

2. We are blessed by God, we are a privileged people. We are the mountain people.

3. Today we gather to encourage each other to go to the valley to encourage others: “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord…to declare the praises of Him who called us out of darkness into his wonderful light.”

4. This morning I come to you on behalf of the valley people, folks you see at the grocery store, your next door neighbors, and folks at the doctor’s office.

5. They want me to tell you some things this morning.

I. Come to You from the Valley of No Hope

A. Ephesians 2:12; remember that at one time you were separate from Christ…without hope and without God in the world.

B. Valley people wanted me to tell you they don’t have a solution to life’s biggest problem…death.

C. Shall we hope or shall we die?

II. Description of the Valley People; Titus 3

A. Valley of ignorance, deceived by Satan.

B. Valley of slavery

C. Valley of malice, envy, hatred.

D. They wanted me to tell you…”I want what you have”- love

E. They wanted me to tell you… “I’m real busy, but I’m real lonely.”

F. SSSSSShhhhhhhhh…Can you hear the cry from the valley.

III. Some Questions from the Valley People

A. Don’t you know we’re lost? We’ll be tormented forever and ever in a lake of burning fire.

B. Don’t you believe our souls are valuable? 1 soul>world

C. Don’t you remember how it was before Jesus came to your valley?

D. Don’t you care…Don’t you care…

E. Don’t believe God can change me like he changed you?

F. Don’t you love me?

G. Story: At a poolside Bar-B-Q a man suddenly ran across the patio and jumped into the water. He surfaced a minute later, holding a small, limp body in his arms. The police were called, but the girl could not be revived. Her father had left her mother who was addicted to crack and didn’t care for her…Accidentally falling into the pool one day, the little girl learned she could get attention that way. In the next two months she nearly drowned three times, but someone always jumped in to save her. But that day with 20 adults making a big noise around the pool, her leap had gone unnoticed for a while…Many are like her. Desperate for genuine love, they submerge themselves, not in a pool, but in drugs, sex, music or whatever. The plan works for a while, but ultimately the supposed solution becomes the thing that drowns them. The swimming pool didn’t provide love for the little girl…it was whoever jumped in to rescue her…The amazing truth of the gospel is that Jesus, because of his great compassion for us jumped into the world to save us.

H. Why did Jesus come to the valley- genuine love. When we genuinely love people we cannot keep from going to the valley. Jumping in the pool is uncomfortable…it’s requires sacrifice …you risk drowning yourself…it ain’t easy…but it must be done.

IV. Who Will Go To the Valley?

A. Those who walk with God will go. Psalm 23; Matthew 28:20; I John 2:6

B. Those who are grateful for Jesus and his decision to come to the valley will go. II Corinthians 5:14

C. Story: Dream of a man beating Jesus, turned the man around, saw his own face

D. Those who see people as Jesus sees them will go. Jesus saw a large crowd, compassion…taught. Jesus looked at him and loved him…told truth.

E. Mark 8:22-26- Problem…saw people…looked like trees…needed the second touch.

F. Who’ll go? Those who have truly repented of a lack of love for people will go.

1. Am I breaking a command of God if I don’t share my faith?

2. Is it a sin not to provide people a cure for aids if you have it?

• Is it a sin not to provide sight to the blind if you have the cure for blindness?

• Yes, it is a sin against love to withhold Jesus from the valley people.

• Did you really love people this week?

• Have you allowed Satan to distract from your mission to go to the valley?


1. Go and love people… for Christ’s sake

2. This morning I believe is a message from the Lord… Repent of apathy, lack of love

3. Be a lover of people again.

4. Fast and pray for God to change your heart toward the valley people.

5. Go to the valley this week. Go today… start knocking your block…”We’re your neighbors and we wanted to meet you. God has put it on our hearts to pray for the needs of those around us. What would you like us to pray for?

6. Jeremiah 8:20; “The harvest is past, summer is ended and we are not saved.”

7. Shall we hope, or shall we die?

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