Summary: Question: • What do I expect from the Lord today? • Are my personal needs more important that my willingness to praise and bless the name of the Lord?


Text: II Kings 4:8 thru 17 (NIV)

Review of this morning:

1. Elisha was a man of God who represents for us the Move of God, or the Presence of God that passes by in our daily lives. If you look closely, you can often see God coming from the distance. But you need to be watching and expecting.

No doubt but that we should always come to the House of God with expectancy to see Him.

Why else would we come?

2. The Shunamite woman living in the Unknown Town. The only way anyone would have ever known about the Unknown Town would be if they were traveling between Carmel and Samaria.

Some may think sometimes that they are being forgotten by God. Out in the middle of nowhere…

This Shunamite woman lived right on the busy road between these two towns. She occasionally saw Elisha walk past her home and each time sensed the presence of God. This Shunamite woman was a successful and well-to-do lady.

With her all of the influence, wealth and prosperity, she was impressed with Elisha, the man of God, as he journeyed by.

She convinced her husband that they needed to invite Elisha to visit, their home.

We also learned that we must invite and make welcome the Presence of God to come and dwell with us in our home and in our lives. Amen?

The problem was that Shunamite woman was never quite sure when the man of God, Elisha, would be coming. So I sure she had to watch for him.

Likewise, we don’t know when the Lord is coming.

But we do expect Him any moment.

What should we do until we see the Lord coming?

Mark 13:32-33

32?"But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

33?"Take heed, watch and pray; for you do not know when the time is.

Are you expecting the Lord to come soon. We have to be ready and pray and watch for Him.

For me, that’s half the fun of being a Christian. It’s the excitement of knowing that He is coming soon…His coming won’t be much longer…I can’t wait ! Amen?

The other ½ is making sure I am all that God wants me to be.

1. We all aspire for the different challenges we face in life:

A) Aspire to Graduate from High School – Accomplishment #1

B) Aspire to Graduate from college - Failure #1

C) Aspire to Find the perfect girl to marry and have a family – Accomplishment #2

D) Aspire to Learn a vocation, and to make a living, and to pay for the baby diapers, and feed my family – Accomplishment #3

E) Aspire to build a career and make a living – Accomplishment #4

F) Etc – etc

All of the while (over those many years) God was often in the background of our lives…in the shadows… On the sidelines waiting and having Mercy on our foolishness. Then He speaks, “Jim.. A Word please…”

2. We equally should consider our holiness to God as being even more important than our own personal ASPIRATIONS

I Peter 1:14 – 16

As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had…but just as He who called you is holy, so be holy in all that you do; for it is written “Be holy, because I am Holy.”

We should have desire (a passion) for God’s holiness.

We must accept the duty (commitment) to serve.

Holiness has everything to do with those 2 emotions!

As an example:

(in the scriptures we read last week) The Shunamite woman convinced Elisha, and his servant, Gehazi, to move in with her and her husband.

And she made certain that Elisha was well taken care of. Elisha and his servant were made comfortable in their new home.

Here are 4 examples of Holiness:

The Shunamite woman gave Elisha a few personal items to make them welcome and not want to leave.

This is what she gave him.

BED – Elisha needed rest. Perhaps, you may be tired tonight. What you need is to enter into God’s rest.

Is your life full of ambition and accomplishments?

Hebrews 4 :10 says,

For he who has entered His (God’s) rest has himself also ceased from his works as God did from His.

If God can take out time to stop what he is doing with His works, so can you. Stop trying to get everything done. Stop being so busy doing things. Slow down and allow yourself time to spend with the Lord.

Daniel 12:4 describes the culture we live in that interferes with our living in Holiness.

“…end time, many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.”

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