Theme: The Mystery of Midnight Prayer

Text: Job 38:12-13, Psalms 119:62

Let me begin by saying, acknowledging that God is our only source of power (Psalms 62:11), every sermon He gives me by revelation via His son Jesus, the Spirit of God urges me to always inform my audience to pray in order to have manifestation of the spoken word, so in a nutshell, please exercise your faith and pray those attach prayer points at the end of the sermon. A sermon without salvation and prayer to bring down the supernatural is incomplete knowing that our foundation being born of a woman is faulty. The best and only way to amend our faulty foundation is via prayer in the name of Jesus. (psalms 11:3; 51:5).

It's crystal clear from scriptural references that the reason many life and destinies are caged, afflicted and stagnated is not because of unanswered prayers but un-offered prayers to our greatest Ally, the Almighty God. Purpose of a thing is viable to experiencing the value of that thing, like a wise man once said when purpose is not known abuse is inevitable and I concord and added, even if purpose is known, failure to keep being connected to the source of that purpose maintenance may not be in view. Note that the purpose of prayer is to bring to full manifestation the intended purpose of God for mankind (Ephesians 1:4).

WHAT IS PRAYER? Prayer is a means of communicating with God, it is primarily offered by addressing God directly in the name of Jesus. Prayer may include petition, entreaty, supplication, thanksgiving, praise, hymns, and lament. The Bible stresses the importance of prayer and commends a life of prayer that is characterized by simplicity of expression, sincerity of heart and trust in God’s ability. It is important to note that prayer plays a vital role in our quest to access more of God’s glory. It is a ladder we can climb to enter into God’s presence. The more you pray, the more of His presence you will encounter, leading you into more of His glory.

WHAT IS MIDNIGHT PRAYER? It's prayer offer to God at such time ranging from 12midnite, till 3midnite, anytime within that time. it's also call a midnight prayer because the day actually starts at such time.


Darkness which is also night/midnight is the absence of light and the presence of blindness. many life are undergoing spiritual darkness es, but I pray for you today, the Lord shall appear and deliver you from every darkness in Jesus' Name. John 9:4, Night is consider unsuitable for labor and much more conducive and favorable to the purposes of the wicked. Night is a period of severe calamities and at most causes a man to be expose to unexpected dangers. Darkness has binding power thereby keep it victims vulnerable. Darkness has divisive powers thus it separate and causes havoc. Most criminals and witches pry about at darkness. Iniquities flourish and increases in the dark. Exodus 11:4; 12:29, Matt 24:12

From our text in Job, the Lord asked Job have you commanded your morning(day, month, year etc)? Such question was post by the Lord because man in his wickedness has already spoken and release divination, evil merchandise to hinder and frustrate the well-being of the children of light. I stand under the anointing of the Holy Ghost and decree every evil merchandise to resist your deliverance and fruitful effort this month shall be shattered and consume by fire in Jesus' Name. Job 5:12

Please let it be clear to you, there are three kinds of heaven: namely 3rd Heaven where God himself reside (2Cor 12:2), the 2nd Heaven (Ephesians 6:12) where principalities and wicked powers reside and the 1st heaven (Gen 1:14-16) where the sun, the moon, stars etc). In Psalms 8:6, Matt 18:18 God give dominion to mankind to rule over all these, but carelessly man has relinquish his power hence becoming victim at the mercy of their enemies, but I pray for you today, in this very month your dominion mandate will be reinstated and you shall shake off all the wicked and their decree from your life and domain in Jesus' Name.

Daniel in (Dan 10:13) for 21 days was withhold by princes of Persia until Angel Michael came to destroy those power and release His answers to his prayer that was delay. I decree to a life here, God will release His waring angels to dislodge and unseat every power resisting your full joy this very month in Jesus' Name. 2Kings 19:35

Why is it vital for me to command my morning? Matt 13:25, says when man slept the enemies came to sow ties. The night which connotes darkness is suitable for evil practices and at such time a sleeping man is like a dead man, so the devil and his cohorts capitalize to strike man with evil. I decree every evil seed deposit into you while you were asleep by fire i burn it and it root cause from the top of your head to the sole of your feet in Jesus' Name.

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Oluwafemi Magnus Johnson

commented on Nov 22, 2018

Am really Bless with this message, Thank you Sir God Bless you Sir in Jesus Name

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