Summary: The Name Is Jesus

A. The Time Arrives At Last

B. The Setting and the scene

1. The glad moments of Joseph’s love for Mary

2. Joseph’s world tumbles...Mary is with child

3. The angel’s message: "Fear not." The giving of the name

C. The name Jesus

1. The Orgin of the Name

A. Moses seems to have originated the name

1. Numbers 13:8-16...Oshea means "salvaton."

2. Jehovah and Oshea... God’s salvation

3. Joshua in the Old Testament same as Jesus in the New Testament

B. Joshua as a type or picture of Jesus

1. Born in slaery then exalted o be ruler of his people

2. Followed the rules of to grace

3. Led wandering people from the wilderness to Canaan

4. Led successfully over Jordan

5. Walls fell befor Him

6. Led his people to victory

2. The Impact of the Name Jesus Because It Was Given To Christ

A. Really quite a common name in that day


C. Christ made the common uncommon

1. From the time that the babe was called "Jesus" it was not common

2. That name means salvation to the shepherds

3. That name meant healing to the helpless

4. That name meant destruction to the demons

5. That name meant life to the lepers

6. That name meant resurrection to the dead

D. The name that brings salvation today

1. The danger of Christmas: Settling for traditions

2. Get past the tinsel to the Truth

E. What does the name Jesus means to you today?

3. The Importancce of the Name Jesus in the future

A. The name Jesus is associated with the coming resurrection

B. The name Jesus and the judgment

C. The name Jesus and future events

D. The name that will help you today

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