Summary: Interstate Highways vs. Country Roads

“The Narrow Road” Matthew 7:13-14 Theme: Roads to the Resurrection

Intro: Travel – It’s good to know your destination. It’s imperative that you sit down, look at the

map and decide on the best way to get to your destination. You would be foolish not to do so.

You must have an “end” in mind or you’ll travel around aimlessly in a clueless manner.

As we travel, it’s helpful to know what “exits” to get off at, what signs to look for and which roads

we need to take. Read Mt. 7:13-14. (From these verses we see how…..)


The wide gate is the world. The narrow gate is heaven. There is no hindrance or resistance upon

entering the wide gate. (It’s what comes natural…) Without even thinking, you enter the wide gate-

it takes no thought. It seems attractive and is simply “the thing to do.” It’s where “everyone” is

going – it’s where the action is.

The narrow gate is so narrow, it cannot initially be seen. “…Only a few will find it.” You must search for it and seek it out in an intentional, diligent way. This happens when you get tired of

traveling on the wide path and think, “There’s got to be more than this!”

THERE ARE TWO ROADS (One is Easy – One is Hard)

The broad road is “wide-open” and is very easy to travel on. (Interstate Highways) You can travel

fast. You can be enticed by the many billboards which are on display – (…from restaurants to

adult bookstores.) You can quickly exit off the highway, partake in your pleasure with no accountability and get right back on with relative ease. This is a picture of the secular world you

live in and all of the enticements and temptations which are so easily accessible.

The narrow road, however, requires a driver with a more intense precision, to stay on course.

(Windy, bumpy, country road) This is a road that is unpaved. It is covered with gravel, rocks

and speed-bumps. It is narrow and requires an attention to detail and a determination to choose to

stay on it.

THERE ARE TWO ENDS (One ends in destruction – One ends in heaven)

The broad road eventually comes to an end, but typically the “worldly” traveler pays no attention to

it. There are so many things that keep his attention, that he seldom has time to consider where it’s

actually leading him. Many travelers desire the crowds and attractions of this broad road so much

that they are willing to run the risk of wrecking among so much traffic. Also, most tragically, they

ignore the “warning” signs and run off the end of the road without having prepared

themselves to face the abyss below.

Contrary to this, the narrow road does not end. It leads to a glorious world not yet seen, but

promised in scripture. “…What is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”


Everyday you choose which road to travel on. You either choose the “easy” broad road of the

world or you diligently seek out the “more difficult” narrow road of heaven.

Some seek out the narrow road but never choose to walk on it. They decide it’s too narrow, requires too much sacrifice and that it would be too uncomfortable walking upon the rocky surface. (Work shoes aren’t comfortable enough – Most would rather wear sandals on the beach.)

Because of this, they will turn away, rejoin the “wide-road” crowd and make the biggest mistake

of their life.

Understand today, that the narrow way may be hard to find in this world, but that doesn’t mean it’s

closed. It is open to all who seek, find and choose it’s path which leads to heaven. This is the

open invitation of Jesus Christ to a hurting world and specifically to all of us here this morning.

This invitation is given to all and will not refuse anyone entrance. YOU MUST CHOOSE IT!

Conclusion: A study was done several years ago of persons who filled out a “salvation card” at a

Billy Graham crusade in 1974. Twenty years later it was discovered that only 5% of these same

persons were active in their local church. (Hundreds and Hundreds of people…) As one person

said, “Those are pretty lousy odds.” In that response echos, “…few are they who find it.”

This narrow road is the first road you must travel on toward the Resurrection.

What will you lay down in order that you might enter in and walk?

Wide roads go on and on with the same scenery mile after mile, hour after hour.

Narrow roads have more curves, bumps and detours but often lead to beautiful waterfalls.

The wide road leads to destruction. The narrow road leads to heaven.

Your eternal destination is at stake. WHICH ROAD WILL YOU CHOOSE? -Prayer

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