Summary: When your past tries to dominate your thoughts, let your dreams ignite your day. In every believers life there’s a struggle within, two natures waring against each other. We can see this illustrated in our lesson from Genesis 16!



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Dr. E. Winson Butler

(each main point became the subject matter "as" an individual message)


Recently one of our missionaries shared the story about a Chief he had won to Christ in a remote village. Returning one year later he asked the Chief how his "walk in Christ" was doing.

He said "It’s like I’ve got two dogs fighting within me. A white one and a black one." The missionary was curious and asked the following question, "Which one was is winning." his reply, "The one I feed the most!"

This best describes the way it is with all of us too. We have two natures within fighting all the time. The one that wins is the one that we feed the most.

The story of Abraham in Genesis 16 helps us understand a lot about those two natures as illustrated in the lives of Ishmael and Isaac. Let’s examine them together!

Main Division

I. A Time Of Haste & Regret (1-3)

II. A Time Of Honor & Rejection (4-5)

III. A Time Of Hate & Rebellion (6)

IV. A Time Of Hostility & Revelation (7-12)

V. A Time Of Harmony & Relocation (13-16)

Conclsuion: There’s nothing impossible with God!

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