Summary: Working through our Faith

Faith remains the foundation of what we know will happen and the conviction of what is beyond our understanding.

1). Faith is not delivered to you on a silver platter.

We must flesh-out our faith in everyday living.

2). Faith is difficult because it is visionary.

-Verse 13b- …welcomed them (promises) from a distance.

-Planning is a difficult task for most people.

“People don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan.” John Maxwell

-Adventure is not within the comfort zone

Faith takes you way into the future, in order to face the difficulties

and discouragements of today.

3). Faith is awkward because it must be publicized.

Verse 13-16

a). Publicized to God

-God cannot give you a vision for your life until your permit Him.

-James 2:17- actions from faith

b). Publicized to the world

-James 2:14-17- actions from faith

4). Faith is difficult because it is revealing.

a). It reveals our inner fears

b). It reveals our inner working from God

-how much control we give the Lord

-how well we apply the Word of God into our life

c) It reveals our spiritual desire to serve the King of Kings

Motivations from Faith

-you must believe that the Lord rewards those who earnestly seek Him. vs. 6

-the world is not worthy of our us and our faith. vs.38

-God has planned something better for us…together with us… vs. 40

What areas could you be working on to increase your faith in God?

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