Summary: God wants His people to be faithful in their church attendance.


* If our dictionary is revised in the next few years, beside the entry for the word "faithfulness,"

* There could possibly be a note which reads: "a once prized characteristic of human character

which is now extinct." * You might think that is a bit ludicrous;

* But there is more truth to that statement than many realize!

* If faithfulness is not yet extinct in our culture, it is moving in that direction!

* It may not be dead, but it’s getting pretty sick!

A) The characteristic of faithfulness is certainly one element that is missing in our society today!

* Marriages break up because of a lack of faithfulness! * Business partnerships dissolves .......

* Friendships end in bitterness because of a lack of faithfulness!

* Churches suffer because of a lack of faithfulness!

B) Unfortunately, faithfulness and words related to it like, commitment, loyalty, reliability,

* And integrity are no longer considered as essential and important!

C) For us as believers, faithfulness is indispensable! * Without it, we’ll not be pleasing to God!

* Indeed, the one characteristic which should mark Christians is faithfulness!

* It should mark us because it marks God! * God is faithful! 2 Tim.2:13 "If we believe not ....."

* That word "faithful" means: to rely upon, have confidence in.

* The opposite of faithful is unfaithful! Pr.25:19 "Confidence in an unfaithful man in time ....."

D) Because God is faithful, we learn to be faithful! * Faithfulness is one characteristic which

should never become extinct among true believers! * World book Dict. "doing one’s duty,"

* "Keeping one’s promise, loyal." * "The faithful" - Christians, true believers

E) The scriptures call the Christian to be faithful in many areas, but today we are going to see,

* That we are called to be faithful to church! * Let’s read our text - Heb.10:22-31

* How are we to be faithful to the church? * I’ll tell you how!

(1) BY ATTENDING THE SERVICES! * Note v.25 * "Forsaking" - to desert, leave behind.

* Listen! A Christian has a biblical obligation to be faithful to attend church!

* People take this verse lightly! * There is great danger in forsaking the assembly!

A) The Bible teaches that Christians are to meet together for public worship & fellowship!

* In 2 Thes.2:1 Paul referred to it as a "gathering." * I got saved in the church, a deacon .......

* I was called to preach in the church, I pastor a church, my salary comes from the church,

* I love the church! * Look at Ps.27:4 and Ps.84:1-4;10

B) You don’t just come to church to get a message from the Lord!

* You come to church to meet with Jesus! * There is a sense in which the Lord is present,

when His people gather that He’s not present in another way! Matt.18:20 "For where two ..."

C) Another phrase in v.25 is this: "as ye see the day ......." * What day is referred to here?

* The coming of Christ! * As we look and see that the Lord’s coming is nearing,

* Faithfulness is going to be more necessary than ever!

D) This is the time for people to stay in church, not get out! * I am a victor today because;

* I’ve stayed in church! * There are two reasons why people get out of church:

* They fall out of love with God! Mt.24:12-13 "And because iniquity...But he that shall ..."

* "Endure" - to stay under, i.e. remain, persevere, abide. * Out of church, out of love with God!

E) They fall out of love with their brother! * Text - "exhorting" means to urge strongly,

* Advise or warn earnestly, to give earnest advise or warning.

F) May I remind you that the book of Hebrews is a book of warnings!

* When a person starts missing church, things start happening!

* Let me tell you what will happen to you when you miss a lot of church!

* All of these will be taken out of the book of Hebrews:

(2) FIRST, YOU’LL BEGIN TO DRIFT! * Heb.2:1 "Therefore we ought to give ......."

* Slip - to flow by, i.e. carelessly pass. * You’ll always drift downstream, not upstream!

* In 1 Cor.10:12, Paul says: "Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed ......."

A) I can’t stand to hear someone say, "I don’t have to go to church to be a Christian."

* You don’t have to live in the water to be a fish either! * Boat to Europe .........

* That is a lie that the devil has got you believing! * That is open rebellion against God!

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Philip Engle

commented on Jan 28, 2017

Great sermon! Clear, concise, straight forward and practical! Thanks!

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