Summary: God wants His people to be faithful in their Bible study.


* There is a book out that is about a Russian pastor entitled, "Tortured For His Faith."

* It’s a story about all that Russian believers had to go through to live for Christ in a society

that was hostile to the ideas of Christianity.

* One of the things that stuck with me from the book is how the Russian Christians would

gather together to worship and hear the Word of God taught.

A) They would worship in the evening. * On the day that they were going to worship,

* people would begin coming to the designated house very early in the morning,

* just one or two people at a time. * They would stagger their arrivals throughout the day,

* so they would not attract the attention of government officials.

B) Finally, after gathering all day, and many waiting a good portion of the day,

* they would spend most of the night pouring over the few scriptures that they had.

* When they concluded, they would begin the long process of leaving to go to their homes!

C) That story has left an impression on me! * I greatly admire their love and devotion to our

Lord and to His Word! * Like those faithful saints, we too need to be faithful to the scriptures!

* Paul warned of how in the last days, men would reject sound doctrine, they would turn away

from the truth of God’s Word and embrace error!

D) We live in a day when people look to the horoscope more than they do the scriptures!

* Many have concluded that the Bible is out of date and irrelevant, but that is not the case!

* Tonight as we continue our series, "The Need For Faithfulness," I want to challenge you,

* to be faithful to the scriptures. * In our text, we find why we should be faithful to the

scriptures. * We need to be faithful to the scriptures because of:

(1) THE BIBLE’S PURITY! * Please notice with me that the writer uses 7 words to describe

the Word of God! * In v.7, " perfect." * A word that means "flawless, no mistakes,

* no errors!" * In v.7, " sure." * That means totally and absolutely trustworthy.

A) In v.8, " right, pure." * This means no defilement.

* In v.9 "...clean, true, and righteous." * Secondly, we should be faithful to the scriptures

because of:

(2) THE BIBLE’S POWER! * Here the Psalmist reminds us of what the bible can accomplish

in the lives and hearts of man. * Notice that we see:

A) The Bible’s Power To Convert - v.7 * "converting the soul." * To convert means to turn.

* The Bible, when heeded, will turn men from their sins and turn them to the Savior!

* The Bible is essential to the experience of salvation!

* 1 Pt.1:23 "Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word ......."

* Because it converts, it must always be the focal point of our preaching, teaching, & witnessing.

B) Notice Also: The Bible’s Power To Change - v.7b "making wise the simple."

* The word "simple" refers to one who is easily seduced or enticed to do wrong.

* The word "wise" refers to knowing and acting from God’s vantage point.

* That is change! * I read a story about a woman who was won to the Lord by a missionary

in a pagan country. * Soon she began to attend Bible classes taught by the missionary.

* The teacher became discouraged however because the new convert seemed to forget every-

thing she was taught! * One day the missionary remarked impatiently;

* "Sometimes I wonder what’s the use trying to teach you anything! You forget it all anyway!

* You remind me of a strainer. * Every bit of truth I pour into you seems to run right through!"

* The student quickly responded, "I may not recall everything, but just as water passes

through a strainer and makes it clean, what you have taught me helps keep me clean,

* and that’s why I keep coming back!" * I got to remember, there’s people like that in church!

C) Then notice in v.8: The Bible’s Power To Cheer! * "rejoicing the heart."

* God’s Word can cheer us if we will allow it to!

* If I’m sad, I go the Bible and it don’t take long before I’m cheered up!

D) Also we see in v.8b: The Bible’s Power To Correct! * "enlightening the eyes."

* That means it gives light to our eyes! * It corrects our vision!

* Back in the days before electricity, a tight-fisted old farmer was giving his hired man a fit,

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