Summary: Peace is not the absent of storms. God can give us peace on the inside when there are storms on the outside.

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The need of peace

Confusion, frustration, tension, violence, sickness, and even death are widespread in our world. We see family against family, members against members, and countries against countries. We agree we need peace. Where politicians, Saints, and consumers disagree is where to find peace. People are trying to find peace in where they live, what they own, and how much they have in the bank. These things does not guarantee peace.

Money can buy house-home, bed-rest, medicine-good health, watch-extra time. We give the family cards, flowers, food, and encouraging words, but the family really needs peace. Jesus was leaving he did not leave the disciples a church, engagements, fame, fortune, but peace. Peace is the tranquility state of the soul. It is calmness on the inside, crisis on the inside, sunshine-rain, and light-darkness. You need peace and you can have peace.

The person of peace

God is not a God of worry, stress, or weariness, but peace. God is the only source of real, satisfying, and abiding peace. Only God can heal-hurt, bear-burden, and cure-calamities, saved-soul, and make us whole. Your response in time like these is to lean on the peace of God and trust him to take care of you. You believe that in-spite of what you are going through it is still in the hands of God.

The potential of peace

To surpass our understanding means to have a mind blowing experience. It is the state of being calm on the inside when there is crisis on the outside. It is a peace that cannot be interrupted by problems, disappointments, or difficulties of life. It is the peace that cannot be toss to and fro by the wind of life. It is that peace you cannot explain. It is Lords doing. Daniel, 3 Hebrew boys, and Peter had it, I have it, and you can have it too.

The protection of peace

When we see our burdens, problems, and fear through the eyes of humans, we often develop wrong feelings and wrong thoughts. He does not guard us from hardships, persecution, and even death, but He does guards our heart and mind. It means what is on the outside cannot get on the inside and what is on the inside cannot get on the outside. Frustration cannot get in, but faith cannot get out, hatred-love, stress-strength,confusion-peace, and anxiety-joy.

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