Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: God’s goal is not simply to announce His presence

Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

6 April 2014


Hebrews 12:18–27

Goal/message/Hope/Cross for Today

• Find ultimate stability/cross/Christ and/New Covenant He established, in the midst of an unstable world.

• Help you trust/stability/New Covenant when/world around us crumbles.

• Outline five aspects of New Covenant living

• Will help us detach from worldly things and attach to the cross.

INTRODUCTION: “What’s going on segment”

• Many years ago, Marvin Gaye penned/lyrics/song

• summarizing a number/negative realities/world

• Asking the question, “What’s going on?”

• He knew/something/amiss

• Bringing havoc on many dimensions within our world and society.


Similar question/asked by Christians

• They wonder, “What’s going on? What is happening?”

• As we /look/landscape/society/which we live

• Day doesn’t go by where there doesn’t seem to be more calamity, more chaos, more confusion, and even more uncertainty.


This uncertainty doesn’t just occur in our society, though.

• Countless/people who/looking/own personal lives/struggles

• Raising/question “What/going on/me? What/happening/my life?”


Heb. 12 author/writing/Jewish Christians who/raising/very same question

• They/about/enter into/most climactic time their generation has ever experienced

• Jerusalem is about to be besieged by Titus and his army.

• Temple will soon be destroyed

• The dark clouds of despair have already gathered/horizon.

• Later/book/Heb. we even learn some have been imprisoned

• Others have had their property confiscated.

As you might imagine:

• Midst/pain/turmoil/disruption/uncertainty

• question that emerges is

• How is a person to respond to the chaos ensuing all around?



Remember the Old Covenant Hebrews 12:18-21

• At Mt. Sinai, God established the old, Mosaic Covenant

• On Mt. Sinai, God spoke to Israel/OT Ex 19.

• Animals ratified the old covenant.

When God/come down/spoken prior/giving/Ten Commandments

• sight to behold/mountain began/smoke and quake

• thunder and lighting

• Loud trumpet blasts.

All/environmental aspects happened in order to let the people know how serious a moment it was.

• God’s presence/mountain shook/entire mountain

• Smoke billowed up from it like smoke from a furnace.

• so much/people ran away/did not want to listen

• Even Moses himself trembled.”

God’s holiness/prevented/Israelites/approaching Mt. Sinai

• Any man or beast who touched/mountain would be stoned

• Even Moses was afraid to climb the mountain


God’s goal is not simply to announce His presence

• To Lead you to fear, awe and trembling

• To such a degree you beg Him/leave because you cannot bear it.

• No/it is to announce His presence/to draw you close to Him

• He has something He wants to not only tell you

• but also to do in you


• An enormous thunderstorm would develop outside

• turn off the television or the radio because

• “God is talking.

• Sit there in the silence as “God talks.”

• It is just thunder, but the principle holds true when things become shaky in your life.

• God is talking and He wants you to listen.

• While things around you may become shaky

When you fix your eyes on Jesus you will remember the promise of His covenant and that you belong to an unshakeable kingdom.”



Thank God/New Covenant Heb. 12:22-24

• Blood/Jesus ratified/New Covenant

• Because/cross, we no longer live under/Old Covenant

MT. ZION: Old Testament

• Seems equated/Jerusalem (2 Kings 19:31).

• King David calls Zion both/mountain of God/city of God

• Isaiah refers to Mt. Zion as the mountain in Jerusalem from which God would one day reign (Isaiah 24:23).

• Rev. 21:10/heavenly Jerusalem

• Mt. Zion will descend and God’s dwelling will be/earth/Heb 12:22

On Mt. Zion, we/introduced/New Covenant given to us by the blood of Jesus Christ shed on the cross.

It is under the tenants and truths of Mt. Zion that Christians live today

• Precisely because/cross/Christ we no longer live/light of Mt. Sinai

• Realize/display/God’s holiness on the cross Heb. 12:22-24

• God proved His holiness by pouring out His wrath on Jesus

Now we can approach God the Father with confidence because of Jesus Christ’s death on the cross


NEW COVENANT: In Jeremiah 31:31-34

• God promised to institute a New Covenant

• He would write His law on His peoples’ hearts

• Forgive all their sins.

• Through/cross of Christ/New Covenant/been established.

• Jesus serves/only mediator/New Covenant between humans/God.


You are not living at Mt. Sinai where:

• There is terror, trembling, insecurity

• You are being uprooted.

That/not your home/believer in Christ because of what Jesus accomplished at the cross.

• Why?

• Because Blood/Christ has orchestrated a New Covenant

• You are functioning underneath/umbrella/whole new realm

• Whole new way of life/thru Christ’s atoning blood

• God has set up a brand new arrangement

• He is covenantally committed to you.

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