Summary: God’s goal is not simply to announce His presence

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Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

6 April 2014


Hebrews 12:18–27

Goal/message/Hope/Cross for Today

• Find ultimate stability/cross/Christ and/New Covenant He established, in the midst of an unstable world.

• Help you trust/stability/New Covenant when/world around us crumbles.

• Outline five aspects of New Covenant living

• Will help us detach from worldly things and attach to the cross.

INTRODUCTION: “What’s going on segment”

• Many years ago, Marvin Gaye penned/lyrics/song

• summarizing a number/negative realities/world

• Asking the question, “What’s going on?”

• He knew/something/amiss

• Bringing havoc on many dimensions within our world and society.


Similar question/asked by Christians

• They wonder, “What’s going on? What is happening?”

• As we /look/landscape/society/which we live

• Day doesn’t go by where there doesn’t seem to be more calamity, more chaos, more confusion, and even more uncertainty.


This uncertainty doesn’t just occur in our society, though.

• Countless/people who/looking/own personal lives/struggles

• Raising/question “What/going on/me? What/happening/my life?”


Heb. 12 author/writing/Jewish Christians who/raising/very same question

• They/about/enter into/most climactic time their generation has ever experienced

• Jerusalem is about to be besieged by Titus and his army.

• Temple will soon be destroyed

• The dark clouds of despair have already gathered/horizon.

• Later/book/Heb. we even learn some have been imprisoned

• Others have had their property confiscated.

As you might imagine:

• Midst/pain/turmoil/disruption/uncertainty

• question that emerges is

• How is a person to respond to the chaos ensuing all around?



Remember the Old Covenant Hebrews 12:18-21

• At Mt. Sinai, God established the old, Mosaic Covenant

• On Mt. Sinai, God spoke to Israel/OT Ex 19.

• Animals ratified the old covenant.

When God/come down/spoken prior/giving/Ten Commandments

• sight to behold/mountain began/smoke and quake

• thunder and lighting

• Loud trumpet blasts.

All/environmental aspects happened in order to let the people know how serious a moment it was.

• God’s presence/mountain shook/entire mountain

• Smoke billowed up from it like smoke from a furnace.

• so much/people ran away/did not want to listen

• Even Moses himself trembled.”

God’s holiness/prevented/Israelites/approaching Mt. Sinai

• Any man or beast who touched/mountain would be stoned

• Even Moses was afraid to climb the mountain


God’s goal is not simply to announce His presence

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