6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: A message about how the tough "night times" of our lives make us stronger and deepen our faith


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- If you're going to survive the battles

- If you're going to survive what the enemy throws at you

- If you're going to survive...

1. You Need a Tribe You Won't Get Voted Off

2. Can't Go Over the Hedge

3. You Can't Curse Your Crisis

4. You Need a Power Partnership

5. You Must Forgive Yourself and Others

6. Realize You Don't Have to Survive

7. Recognize That the Night Time Ain't So Bad

- You've heard a handful of Survivors who took all the enemy threw at them

- And recognize that the Devil ain't so bad.

- You're wondering what that has to do with today's text.

- It was the night time


* That brought forth the fruit of Aaron's Staff

- And I can't close this series without reminding you...

- That the dead things you possess need a night-time experience

* In order to live

- Some of you have been through battles that have left some things in your life dead as

* Aaron's Staff

* Broom Stick

- You're happy with parts of your life but other parts are dead

* Because of A Battle

A Hurt

A Pain

A Word

A Voice

A Person

A Disappointment

- But I want you to know that the miracle happens during the night time!

- In order for faith to effectively incubate

- It must germinate through a night time experience

EXAMPLE Planting my first garden this summer

- You need to remember during your dark situation

- That God does his best work in the night time

- Your day begins with darkness

- When God began to create

* He stepped into darkness and said, "let there be light".

- You show me a survivor living large and happy about life

- And I'll show you someone who has come through a night time.

Misery - Ministry

Test - Testimony

Pain - Power

- Because the night time ain't so bad

EXAMPLE Waking up in the middle of the night with an Asthma


I was afraid of the dark

- You can't keep the night from coming

- But remember, joy comes in the morning

Psalms 30:5

...weeping may remain for a night,

but rejoicing comes in the morning.

- And the night time ain't so bad!

- Even Jesus went through a night time

o Interesting that when Judas came to Jesus and kissed him

„X Putting him in a night-time

„X Jesus called him friend

o When Peter tried to keep Jesus from going through the night-time

„X Jesus called Peter a devil

ƒ{ In essence what Jesus was saying:

o If I have no crucifixion

„X I cannot have a resurrection

o At night-time it is hard to see

o But survivors use the flashlight of faith

ƒ{ Jesus is saying if there is no night time

* Faith can't incubate

- And the night time ain't so bad

- When you can't trace him keep on trusting him

- Because the night time ain't so bad

- Hear my Mother Night Time Ain't So Bad

- Hear Skip Night Time Ain't So Bad

- People in this church

Affair Ain't So Bad

Cancer Ain't So Bad

Abandonment Ain't So Bad

Drugs/Alcohol Ain't So Bad

Prison Ain't So Bad

Religious Abuse Ain't So Bad

Abused Ain't So Bad

- The Next Time

Battle Ain't So Bad

Crisis Ain't So Bad

Struggle Ain't So Bad

Hurt Ain't So Bad

Disappointment Ain't So Bad

- The Devil should have take me out when he had me down

- When I was:

* Intimidated

* Afraid

* Hurt

* Discouraged

* Sinning

* Beat up

- But now I know you ain't so bad!

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