Summary: Two words, “Amen, and Hallelujah” have four notes of harmony, which bought victory to these Christians faith

Title: “The Notes of Worship”

Text: Revelation 19:1-6


Folks, if any of us get a chance to see Manheim Steamroller perform in a Christmas Concert this next year, one of us ought to go and see their concert and then report back to the rest of us to tell us what it was like. Listen to this wonderful rendition of “Joy to the World.’ (Play the Song) Isn’t that beautiful music? Did you hear all that clapping at the beginning of the arrangement? What a fine attempt to copy the praise and adoration of heaven and the coming of a Savior? Now, read with me that section of scripture found within Revelation chapter 19:1-6. (Read) Can you hear all the clapping and the cheering at the beginning of this heavenly composition? If we want to learn anything about worship and it’s application to modern day life, I would say folks we need to capture those notes of worship of the church triumphant.

John says, “After this I heard.” And mark my word he wasn’t just watching clouds roll by in a Nebraska sky in the middle of summer. He was writing at a time when the shadow of the emperor Domition was on the throne, when atheism was scorching the earth, and the empire was running red with martyr’s blood. It was at a time when a Christian’s life wasn’t all that significance. And we find that even John himself was a prisoner on the island of Patmos. And here is what he says, “I heard the echo of the worship of the redeemed within heaven.” For you people who visited the Grand Cannon this past year, what was it like to hear the echo of someone’s voice come back to you from that big whole in the ground? I heard the echo of those who worshipped in heaven. What were they saying? John says, “They fell on their faces before the throne of God and cried, “Amen, Hallelujah.” Two words describe for us in detail the worship of he redeemed of heaven. And so I say may the battered church on earth learn from the worship of the saints already with the Lord.

TRANSITION: These two words, “Amen, and Hallelujah” have four notes of harmony, which bought victory to their faith. The first note of worship is:



You see it there? Amen! That means, “So let it be done.” I remember when I was in college on special occasions our Academic Dean Dr. Swedburg would be called upon to address the student body with a power message from God’s word and he would conclude that message with these words, “As the good book says, so let it be done.” And you know when Dr. Swedburg spoke those words it meant something because there wasn’t anyone among the college staff anymore godly than that man. Here you have departed Christians standing before the throne of God and repeating that word, “Amen! So let it be done.” Whatever they suffered within their earthly life, they held no rebellion within there hearts now that they’re within heaven. Now, today within the thick of it all it may be hard for You and I in today’s life find that life can be somewhat tough upon us and troubling, but gods word testifies that some day we shall know more fully, and when we know we shall be satisfied.


I was talking to Paul Bennett and he was telling me that the cost of health insurance is going to take another increase this year. For most of us, we understand that this is a normal undertaking each and every year. However, there are a number of people in this nation who have no medical insurance at all, and some are right here in this church. When you consider insurance hikes, the cost of living hikes, the everyday care for a family, the facing of the threat of disease, these things bring additional frustration to us as we are forced to handle those types of perplexities of life. However, the early saints who have died and gone to be with the Lord cry back to us all that you and I need to learn to accept the will of God even with our own particular situation and mounting concerns in this day and age. The first and foremost note of worship is the acceptance of the divine will of God.

TRANSITION: The second note of worship would be commitment to the purpose of God.



This is also found within that word, Amen! For in this same chapter John gives the vision of the exalted Christ riding forth to do battle with the enemies of the world and the saints above are streaming after him. They are following the Lord wherever he goes. For these followers worship meant action and service grandeur than anything they had known on planet earth. Some people think that when they get to heaven it is going to be a continual life of retirement. Guess again! “Thy will be done on earth as it is within heaven! Folks, the will of God is not something just to be accepted, it is something to be done. Sometimes it’s the shout of the people of God saying, “Yes, Lord Yes! I’m ready to go to work! Show me the fields white unto harvest. God make me strong when task of life seem hard and long; to greet them with this triumphant song, “Thy will be done.”

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