Summary: A sermon that looks at the obedience of Joseph and how we should attempt to imitate him in our lives.

The Obedience of Joseph!

Portraits of Christmas

Forgotten Joseph

He never speaks

Adoniram Judson 1788-1850

The obedience of Joseph

Allow me to set the stage for you

Joseph and Mary talked- Matthew 1:18-20

What will my family think?

Pregnant by the Holy Spirit? Yeah right

God, You want me to what?

Has God ever asked you to do something ridiculous?

What was it?

Maybe forgive someone who has hurt you

Maybe taking a stand against pornography in town

You want me to serve in the nursery

What will people think?

This is ridiculous

Obey, even when it sounds ridiculous!

Joseph relocates his family to Egypt- Matthew 2:13-21

But, I finally learned Egyptian

C. T. Studd- China, India, Africa

“If Jesus Christ is God and died for me, then no sacrifice

can be too great for me to make for Him.”

Bruce Almighty / Jim Carrey / Bruce Nolan

Missed the call

Maybe God did call you overseas and you missed it

Our friends Jon and Amy Ralls

Local orphanage is broke- remember your Christmas bonus!

Obey, even when you have to sacrifice!

God doesn’t stop with Joseph, there’s one more

Raise My Son!

Do you find it difficult to be a parent?

Imagine raising God’s Son on earth

Joseph appears to be doing a great job- Luke 2:41-42

John Maxwell- quote

Evangelize- introduce yourself to the new family in town

Unordained men- Bill McCartney, Bill Bright, D. L. Moody

Has God asked you to do something you don’t have a clue how to do?

Obey, even when you don’t have a clue!

C. T. Studd- quote

Repeat God’s call

When God calls, will you obey like Joseph?

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