3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: The deception which Jacob had sown he now reaps from Laban.

Genesis 29:1-30

September 21, 2003

While I was in Bible College I had a friend who took a Job at the Horseshoe Motel. It used to stand on Wellington street in London right where you come off the highway 401. It had a big neon sign out front that said "rooms starting at $29.99." After just a week working there my friend had to quit. You see when someone came in off the street looking for the $30 room they were always told that those rooms were already taken, even if their was no one in the entire hotel. Instead the only rooms available were considerably more than $30.

That is what is known as the bait and switch. A marketer lures you into his business with an item at an unbelievably low price. However, when you get their his goal is that you will leave with a similar item at a much higher price. It is not terribly ethical, but it is a fairly common practice. He counts on the fact that having made the trip you won’t go home empty handed. He baits you with one item and then at the last minute switches it for a pricier item.

In today’s passage we have the ultimate bait and switch.

1. The Joyous Meeting 29:1-14

a. Jacob and the lazy shepherds 1-8

b. Jacob and Rachel 9-14

- the contrast of Jacob’s diligence and the shepherds laziness

- the contrast between Abraham’s servant and Jacob

- the servant prays

- the servant bases it on character, Jacob on looks

- the servant praises, Jacob doesn’t even know God

2. The bait and switch 29:15-30

a. The bait 15-20

b. The switch 21-24

c. The aftermath 25-30

Next week - the horror of marrying the sisters

When Jacob was fooled he should have taken Leah and left.

You reap what you sow

- deceived in verse 25 is exactly what Esau said

Jacob used his father’s blindness

Laban used the blindness caused by alcohol and the darkness of the night to deceive Jacob

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