Summary: When will these things be? What will the sign be? Did this happen already or is it furturistic. We are living in the middle of the Olivet Discourse.

“The Olivet Discourse”

“Living in the middle of Jesus’ speech”

Luke 21, Matthew 24, Mark 13

Today we will be coming from Luke. One of the reasons there is so much confusion concerning the “Olivet Discourse” is that many people try to find complete fulfillment at a certain time, mainly 70 A.D.; however, the Bible says in “1Cr 13:12 For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.” To fully understand this prophecy we must realize that the “Olivet Discourse” was given before the crucifixion and the existence of the church; therefore, the words Jesus was speaking were directed towards the Jewish people warning them of the destruction of Jerusalem and His second coming, it has nothing to do with the church at all. These are not the events leading up to the rapture, but the events leading up to the destruction of Jerusalem and the Second coming of Jesus.

When we take the revelation of Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21 together in whole we find the questions that arose from the disciples concerning the destruction of Israel, the signs and the second coming are answered.

The “Olivet Discourse” is the answers to 3 questions that was asked of Him by four of His disciples, Peter, James John, and Andrew (Mark 13)

Jesus and the disciples were in Jerusalem, the Triumphal entry had just taken place, Jesus had over threw the money changers in the temple, and He showed His disciples the humbleness and sincerity of the woman with the two mites.

Verse #5 - They were leaving the Temple when the disciple began to marvel over the grandeur and magnificence of the Temple. The stones of the wall were magnificent with great detail. They varied in size from 10’ long, 6’ thick, and 9’ high to some over 25’ long ranging in weight from 30 tons to 0ver 300 tons. The wall was 500 cubits by 500 cubits just imagine the magnificence of this place.

Verse #6 - Jesus prophesied of the destruction of Jerusalem, which took place in 70 A.D by Titus some 40 years later.

Verse #7 – The disciple, Peter, James, John, and Andrew ask Him a 3 part question.

1.) When will these thing be

2.) What is the sign

3.) When is the second coming

Verse #8 – Jesus gives the prophetic sign of His return and warning to His disciples what to look for. This is a 2 part warning “Take heed that ye be not deceived for many shall come in my name…” This refers to those that came and said they were the Messiah before 70 A.D. as well as those that come saying they come in His name before the second coming. In our day we have seen many come like Jim Jones, David Koresh, Sun Myung Moon, and others.

Verse #9 – Despite all the peace treaties our generation has endured more wars then any other generation in history.

**NOTE:- Statistic show that over the centuries our planet has endured 13 years of war for every year of peace. Since 1945 we have not known a single day of worldwide peace; however, the end is not yet Jesus said.**

Verse #10 – “Nation against Nation” The word nation used here comes from the Greek word “Ethnos” or “Ethne” it is were we get the word ethnic, it means people or race, ethnic groups. This word Ethne is distinctive from the word “Basileiai” which is also nations, but refers to political entities. There has been an increase of racial and ethnic disturbances.

Verse #11 – Jesus warns of cataclysmic phenomena that will happen before the second coming.

1.) Earthquakes in divers places. 12/26/04 Tsunami 2nd largest ever.

2.) Famines

3.) Pestilence

4.) Fearful sights - refers to the Tribulation and the Wrath of God

5.) Great signs in heaven - refers to the Tribulation and the Wrath of God.

Verses #12 - 19 – Refers to the Tribulation

Verse #13 – Testimony, what the devil means for bad God will turn it around.

Verse #14 – Don’t think what to say.

Verse #15 – God will speak for you.

Verse #16 – Those closes to you will betray you.

Verse #17 – The Jews are the most hated race of people.

Verse #18 – This doesn’t mean that they will not taste death but refers back to Matthew 10:30 & Luke 12:7 hair of your head are numbered

Verse #19 – Those that endure to the end will be saved.

Verse#20 – This is pertaining to both 70 A.D. and the Great Tribulation

Verses #21 - #24 – Refers to the Great Tribulation

Verses #25 -#28 – These are specific to the end of times and the second coming. It is important to understand the specific signs are entirely different than the signs for the destruction of Jerusalem; this is why many people confuse this prophecy. Although there are similarities in both, Israel will be in time of trouble and tribulation. In both those in Judea are urged to flee, in both at least for a period Gentile power will be triumphant; however, the specific signs of the end of the age and the second coming of Christ do not happen in connection with the destruction of Jerusalem.

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