Thot - Have you decided which way to go? Life is full of choices and decisions. Everyday we are called on to choose about all sorts of subjects. Today is another day of decision.


A quick review - Jesus feeds 5000!

The next morning - What a dinner, now feed us breakfast.

Jesus Teaches that He is the bread of life. (v 47-48)

1. They are seeking temporal satisfaction - They will need another meal in a few hours

2. He is offering eternal satisfaction - gift of eternal life, never hunger and never die

3. Bread for your stomach or Bread for your Spirit?

A. Many Disappointed (v 59-65)

1. His teaching was too hard (v 60)

2. calling on them to commit

3. their request went unanswered

a. Many young or new Christians are the same today

B. Most Departed (v 66)

1. They didn’t get what they wanted, so the left lacking what they needed.

a. We want things that really won’t benefit us and all the while we’re needing things that we never give a thought to.

b. We need eternal life. Without eternal life all we have is eternal death. Ye must be born again! (Jn3:7)

C. Meager Devoted (v 67)

1. only the 12 are left

2. It takes a Committed Love

3. It takes Costly Loyalty

a. notice Peter, He won’t leave.

b. where else could he go?

c. willing to forsake family and friends (Lk 14:26-27)

D. Men Decided

1. Everyone is called upon to decide. Choose this day, whom ye will serve (Josh?:?)

2. None were left undecided then

a. some chose life (i.e. Peter)

b. some left unbelieving (v 64, 67)

3. None will be left undecided today

a. indecision is deciding to reject


Have you decided which way to go? Heaven or Hell, Life or Death. The choice is yours, choose Jesus today. Jesus is the One you need, He is the Only way to Heaven! Have you decided to totally surrender to Christ? Totally surrender your life and begin to reap the benefits of being His disciple, His follower. If you’ve stopped following the Lord, it’s time to come back this morning, come and get things right with God, right now.

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