Summary: Christianity vs Philosophy and Religions

To many places, there are many ways, each of which leads to the same point. This is the case in many events that occur in our world. Some ways are shorter than the rest, but all still end up at the same place. This is not the case with the kingdom of God. To eternal life, there is only one way. As promised unto our fathers in the past, that single way was revealed unto mankind over two thousand years ago. That way is no other one but Jesus. It is important to note that Jesus Christ is not a shortcut to the kingdom of God but the only way that leads to it. Other ways, religions and philosophies, no matter how promising they maybe and irrespective of the zeal and will put into it, it will certainly end up in total destruction and misery. Such is what we witness at present. I feel so sorry when I behold both young and old men and women, striving hard to attain perfection but neglecting the very way to eternity. These are poor, wretched souls who choose to deprive themselves of the pleasure of the lusts of the world, but blindly, they still end up being deprived of the joy of the Lord. Such is an unfruitful attempt to mortify the body without the presence of the living spirit of God, therefore, they die daily in ignorance thinking they are on the right course. Self- righteousness is the act of abstaining from sin without first crucifying your sinful body to the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ. No matter how promising such act of self-righteousness maybe, the fellow is still confined within darkness and no form of mortification of sin(to kill sin) will be able to give him any light. It is much more better when a man is in darkness and he is well aware of it, therefore, he is likely to search for the light diligently and when he has found it, he becomes free. However, it is utter destruction and devastation, when a man is outside the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, but having attempted to mortify his sins through abstinence from lust and hatred, he strongly believes that he is in the light, but while he is still deeply rooted in darkness, he is ignorant and does not make any attempt to search for the true light. The salvation promised unto us by God was that of faith and not of works, the mortification of sin is secondary after the acceptance of Jesus Christ as the only Lord and saviour. For a man or woman is confined in sin, if such be not a Christian, the very first step would not be mortification of sin but believing in Jesus Christ as the only Lord and saviour, having full faith in Him and submitting ourselves to the will of His Holy Spirit. Only then can a man or woman be set on the path to eternal life. The very difference between a philosopher and preacher is the sum of what is being stated in this context. A preacher of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ helps to bring people into the light of salvation, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide their lives , after which he sets them on course to true mortification of sin(KILLING SIN), therefore, they are able to come to the knowledge of the truth. However, the philosophers in their own little wisdom which they pride over that of their creator, rather than first teach men and women to embrace the light. What they simply do is to teach people how to mortify sin, and these being blind men and women, once they are able to separate from what they consider to be sinful, they rejoice in their foolishness, proclaiming to have been saved, not realizing that there is no other salvation anywhere except the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ. Philosophy in this respect without first accepting Christ as the only Lord and saviour becomes a tool to blind men from the truth and make them think they are free when actually they are still within the confines of darkness. This assertion is affirmed by many biblical contexts, some of which will be mentioned here. Apostle Paul spoke concerning this in

2 Timothy 3:7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

8 Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.

If any will disagree with these assertions, let him/her consider this, if salvation were by self-righteousness and philosophy which often excludes the acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ as the only Lord and saviour, why should Cornelius have been required to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Cornelius was a just man that completely abstained from sin. Both he and his house lived a life worthy of emulation. Philosophy would view a man as these as being perfect in all areas. He obeyed the law at all times and was able to mortify sin, however none of these things could save him. He gave to the poor but that was not able to help him. He was not actually doing what he was supposed to do. Therefore, God had mercy upon him and showed him what he was supposed to do, As written in Acts 10:

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