Summary: What is sin and what do we do about it.

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The Origin of Salvation

Genesis 3

I. In Gen. We find that God said that Adam & Eve could eat from every tree except one. If they eat from that one they would die. Satan said they would not die. Who was right? (listen to the conversations that God and Satan had with them)

A. God - man was separated from God - Spiritual death

B. Satan - Adam and Eve did not die after all - Physical death

II. Sin drives use from God

A. Adam hid

B. Cain driven from God (after second sin)

III. God wants use to be reconciled to Himself.

A. God Calls for Adam

B. Blood was shed for salvation. Coverings made from animal skins

IV. What is our response?

A. Hear the call of God

B. Take the first step - the hardest step

V. God does the rest.

A. He accepts us as we are.

B. He shed His Blood for us.

C. He changes us.

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