Summary: God has blessed us with some very special beings.

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1. I couldnt help but thinking about Dr, Dolittle when I was studying this!

2. "If we could talk to the animals,

Just imagine it,

Chatting to a chimp in chimpanzee

Imagine talking to a tiger,

Chatting to a cheetah

What a neat achievement it would be

If we could talk to the animals,

Learn their languages,

Maybe take an animal degree,

We’d study elephant and eagle,

Buffalo and beagle,

Alligator, guinea pig and flea

We would converse in polar bear

And python

And we would curse in fluent kangaroo

If people asked us,

Can you speak rhinoceros?

We’d say, "of courseros!

Can’t you?"

If we conferred with our furry friends,

Man to animal,

Think of all the things we could discuss

If we could walk with the animals

Talk with the animals

Grunt and squeak and squawk

With the animals

And they could squeak and squawk

And speak and talk to us

3. Day Five and part of Six - Extra special creatures.

Trans:Gen. 1:20-25


Then God said, "Let the waters teem wth swarms of living creatures... - vv. 20,21,24

For the first time we have the word - living.

נephesh [neh-fesh] noun "soul, breath, life" "It occurs over 780 times in the Old Testament and is evenly distributed in all periods of the text with a particularly high frequency in poetic passages. The basic meaning is apparently related to the rare verbal form, nāpash. The noun refers to the essence of life, the act of breathing, taking breath." [Vine’s Expository Dictionary of Old Testament and New Testament Words]

Plant "life" is different then animal life - "Plants, while alive in the biological sense, are not conscious and therefore not alive in the Biblical sense, nor does their death imply Biblical "death."

Animal Life is also different then human life - man’s life is Godward. And yet animal life is radically different then plant life so that man and animals can clearly communicate, at some level.

Point - for the first time we have living creatures! That’s different!

When I was a kid I loved those Frankenstein movies. The Bride of Frankenstein was a 1935 horror film, in which Dr. Frankenstein creates a mate for his monster.

After he zaps her with his bolts of lightening she begins to move - Dr. Frankenstein cries out with joy, "She’s alive! Alive!"

Of course the first time she meets Frank, he smiles and says "Friend, friend?" He touches her and she begins to scream in terror!

Well these animals won’t make a good bride for Adam, but at least they were alive and better to spend the day with a monkey then a shrub!


A. Sea life.

waters teem with swarms of living creatures - evidently refers to all kinds of marine animals: invertebrates, vertebrates, reptiles. The first animals specifically mentioned as the product of this act of creation were the "great whales," or "great sea-monsters," as most translations render the Hebrew word tannin.

It is significant, however, that this same word is most frequently translated "dragon." Evidently the term includes all large sea-creatures, even the monsters of the past that are now extinct.

The frequent references to dragons in the Bible, as well as in the early records and traditions of most of the nations of antiquity, certainly cannot be shrugged off as mere fairy tales. Most probably they represent memories of dinosaurs handed down by tribal ancestors who encountered them before they became extinct.

This is not only Mosterous life, like sharks; wales; dinosaurs; but Microscopic life. Even a drop of ditch water can hold 500 million microscopic creatures so small that a teaspoonful of water would be to them what the Atlantic is to us.

B. Sky life.

let the birds fly - I’m told there are about 9,000 kinds of birds.

C. Soil life. [life that lives on the earth]

cattle and creeping things and beasts of the earth - this is the The First Mention of Freeways -"creeping things."

Actually this includes a variety of animals - ox, donkey, horse, camel, sheep, snakes, worms, etc.

Trans: Phillips, "Scientists have classified millions of different species of animals, including more than 800,000 different kinds of insects, 30,000 kinds of fish, 9,000 kinds of birds, 6,000 kinds of reptiles, 3,000 kinds of amphibians, and 5,000 kinds of mammals. God is truly a God of variety."

That’s probably why Maddie like the box of animal crackers - I read that in total, 54 different animals have been represented by animal crackers since 1902.

Britannica noted, "Scientists estimate that there may be more than 10 million different kinds of animals on Earth today. About 1.3 million kinds have been identified to date, and new kinds are continually being discovered. In the seas, from the surface down to the black depths where no ray of light penetrates, on mountaintops and in deserts, in mud and in hot pools some form of animal life may exist."

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