Summary: The future is set for a marriage feast prepared by the Father for His Son and Jesus tells us a story about it.

The Parable Of The Marriage Feast

Matt. 22:1-14

These parables of the Lord are amazing stories with hidden truths concerning the kingdom of heaven. This particular story concerning the marriage feast requires careful observation to understand.

See: Matt. 22:1-14

I believe to better interpret this story we must first identify all those that are involved:

a. King

Mention: Luke 14:16 A certain man is used instead of a king

Up to this point we have identified the word “King” as pertaining Jesus the Christ.

See: Matt. 21:5 in the triumphant ride of Jesus the Christ He is referred to as a King

The word king here is a reference to God the Father because of the following statement “for His Son”.

b. Son (This then is Jesus the Son of God) Vs.2

c. Remnant (a remaining number of people) Vs.6

Point: In most cases it references those left who are faithful unto the Lord

See: Romans 9:27, 11:5

Statement: This is not the case here because we are told this remnant kills the servants of the King.

Mention: Matt. 21:35-36

d. Servants (The children of the King)

e. Guests (I believe they are perhaps Old Testament saints)

Vs.2 Because of the mentioning of a marriage we can assume that there is a bride. The bride of Jesus the Christ is the New Testament Church. Ref. 2 Cor. 11:2 espoused to one husband…a chaste virgin to Christ. Also: Ephesians 5:22-27 we see the analogy given of Christ and the Church as husband and wife.

See: John 3:27-29 John refers to himself as a friend of the Bridegroom with the bride.

This is to be understood as the Old Testament Saints do not make up the bride of Christ, but instead those represent the New Testament Church.

How should we interpret this parable?


• At what particular time will the wedding feast take place?

Answer: The Millennial Age

See: Luke 14:15 Blessed is he that eat bread in the kingdom of God

• Who are those that are invited to the Marriage Feast?

Answer: The Rejecting Jews

Mention: Matt. 3:2, 4:17 John and Jesus came saying repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. The message was then given by the disciples first unto the Jews.

See: Isaiah 65:1-2

And: Romans 10:16-21 The Gentiles was those who found the Lord, but for the most part Israel rejected Him.

Vs.7 He sent forth His armies

Point: Perhaps this is a reference to the 70 AD destruction by the Romans

See: Vs.8-14 We are told that the servants went out and gathered guests (good and bad) for the marriage feast.

Note: Vs.11-12 There is this one guest who represents the still unbelieving Jews that had not on a wedding garment.

Friend: This is what Jesus called Judas Matt. 26:50

Here is the picture of someone attempting to get to the kingdom of their own righteousness according to the law.

“And he was speechless”

See: Romans 3:19

In Conclusion: Vs.13-14 We see the final judgment for those who reject Christ.

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