Summary: This message details the great potential paired with the great responsibility that comes with a "plenteous harvest."

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America is in a Peculiar place…

Since the turn of the century and the outpouring of the Holy Ghost in the Azusa street revival … over 600 million people have come to call themselves Pentecostal.

In retrospect the Catholic church took over 1500 years to reach the same 600 million member mark.

Our world however is in a peculiar position for while more people are hungry for God, and are tapped into spiritual issues many of the churches of America have remained the same size and have not reflected the surge of spirituality in our world today.

Jesus Christ said it quite simply …. The harvest is plenteous… but the labourers are few.There are plenty of people in the field but few that are gathering them out of the field.

There are multitudes who are hungry to be harvested… but few who have the wherewithal to go into the field to gather them.

Let Me Start off by saying that Our World has never been more ready for revival than now…

The Public Eye has never been on the church and religion like it is today.Our world it could be said is simply waiting for the Church to get into the Reaping Process.The true Apostolic Church of the living God is larger than it has ever been…

just a few years ago our numbers were relatively unknown.It was estimated that there might be 10 million Apostolic Holy Ghost filled people in America and few elsewhere. Recent Studies show us that there is rather 30 million plus One God Apostolic Holy Ghost filled people in our World,though that number grows outdated everyday.There is Revival in Our World Like there has never been before….

The Harvest is Plenteous…. There are many who are Hungry… there are multitudes who are simply waiting to be harvested.

The Bible Says that in Matthew Chapter 9 Jesus found himself in the Midst of his Ministry, Preaching and Teaching the Kingdom of God. He was Laying Hands on the Sick and watching them Recover, he was healing people of every sickness and disease brought before him.And in the Midst of His Ministry the Bible Says that Jesus looked and saw the multitudes…

Matt 9:36

36 But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd.

In the Midst of doing a great work Jesus took the time to see….

He was Surrounded by the Sick but He Saw…

He was Preaching the Power of the Kingdom but he still Saw…

He was teaching the Unlearned but Still He Saw the Multitudes!

He was able to see past his immediate realm of Ministry, He had the ability to look past what his hand was currently involved with to see the Big Picture Surrounding him.

And While indeed those that were Close to him had needs He Saw also the multitudes… and was moved with Compassion…because they fainted….

Jesus Caught Sight of the Big Picture and it Changed his Heart Immediately…For He was Moved to Compassion by what He saw.

Understand what Jesus Saw when he looked across the great multitudes that were waiting for the Master….

First He Saw That there were Multitudes More… than his ministry was touching…

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