Summary: The purpose of this text is to remind the believer that the visible is swiftly passing away.

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In our text, we are taught to look at the invisible. The word look means to set one’s sight on a particular object. It indicates a careful examination, a penetrating gaze that determines the worth of the thing in view. To see the invisible we must keep our focus on Jesus. There are all kinds of worlds; through the microscope we can see the germ world. Through the telescope we can view the astronomical world. But through faith’s eye, we can see the spiritual world. Focusing on the unseen is fundamental to our faith. Christ is the unseen proof of faith. God is the unseen Father of faith. Christ is the unseen author/object of faith. The Holy Spirit is the unseen proof of faith. When a man catches a vision of the invisible God and knows that He is present in human affairs; it stabilizes his actions. It calms the seas of his soul.

It stops the rains of life from drowning his weary heart. When we look with our natural eyes; we see a government that is in trouble. We see a world that is in trouble. We see surroundings that are temporary. We see a world that is decaying and passing away. We see our own bodies are passing away.

Everything we see is temporary---

The Coffin------temporary.

Our bodies-----temporary.

The cemetaries---temporary.

The church house----temporary.

The flowers-----temporary.

The hospitals----temporary.

The nursing homes----temporary.

To see the spiritual we must be turned by the Spirit. We must be tuned in by the world. We must be toned down by the mind of Christ.We must keepmour focus on Christ.

Let us contrast the eternal and the tempoarary.

Tent--Temporary Mansion----Eternal.

Earthly house--Temporary Heavenly home---Eternal.

Death----Temporary Life----Eternal.

Night----Temporary Light---Eternal. Imperfect---Temporary Perfect---Eternal.

Mortal----Temporary Immortal---Eternal.

Faith----Temporary Sight---Eternal.

Wickedness---Temporary Righteousness---Eternal.

Body is temporary----Earth derived.

Inward man--Eternal---God exhaled.

Death--God inhales us into His eternal abode.

1. Age and Decay are fore-runners of death and departure.

2. Temporary will pass quietly and suddenly before we know it.

3. State of the soul after death is eternal.

(no purgatory)

(no reincarnation)

(no universal salvation)

4. Opportunity and purpose often evade many.

5. We must close our physical eyes to envision our spiritual delight.

6. At the time of my departure, "Where will I go?"

7. Eternity is certain to come....

God our creator---

God our covenant God said it will...

God our healer said it will....

God of the empty tomb said it will...

God the sustainer of the universe said it will...

God our redeemer said it will....

God our Saviour said it will....

God our provider said it will....

God our Banner said it will...

Go our Everlasting Father said it will...

We are eternal....

Now, with our bodies....

At death without our bodies...

In the resurrection, with glorified bodies...

Conclusion: Family you have the benefit of the unseen today.

Unseen refuge that is bery present...

Unseen eye that is looking at you..

Unseen hand that is holding you..

Unseen heart that weeps with you...

Unseen mind that’s thinking about you...

Unseen comforter that’s comforting you...

Unseen companion that’s walking with you...

Unseen friend that’ll stick with you...

Unseen tear remover...

Unseen help to help you....

Unseen conqueror that has already defeated death...

"May God Bless and Keep You"

Pastor Rodney L. Johnson Sr.,

Historic Bethlehem Baptist Church

Hahnville, LA.


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