Summary: The Passion of Christ reveals the HEART OF GOD.


Isaiah 52:13-53:12

Part 3


Isaiah 53:10-12 (RSV)

Good News Christian Fellowship

March 2006


We have learned in the last two messages the Suffering of the Servant of God and the Pleasure of God in bruising His Son. It is the Holy One who presented Jesus to SATISFY His own holy demand for full justice. And the son freely obeyed the Father, expressing his unity with the justice and mercy of the Father in the costly undertaking of our sin and God forsakenness.

So this afternoon, I invite and urge you brothers and sisters to listen carefully as I try to put before you the desire of God and the satisfaction of His Servant Jesus Christ. They have ONE HEART in this matter: what one desire satisfies the other. And what satisfies one is the desire of the other.

The Passion of Christ reveals the HEART OF GOD.

Read verses 10-12

In these verses we will see five things that reveal the HEART OF GOD.

I. “Yet, it pleased the LORD to bruise him; he hath put him to grief.” His HEART is that His Servant- His son be crushed in our place. Those words tells us that there is nothing more that needs to be done to be paid for sins. We have a blessed statement here. That is God is to dispel all our fears. God is satisfied with the sacrifice. God is satisfied with the blood shedding of the blood of Christ.

You have mercy of God. All that stand against you, all that call for your condemnation, God is yet SATISFY to bruise His Son. He was GLAD and PLEASED to see it. That’s the HEART of God.

God bruised Him, himself? Yes indeed. It was not the hand of Roman soldier. Yes, perhaps they are the instrument of it. But it’s not in their own volition to do it. It was the HAND of God. God was PLEASED to bruised Jesus Christ.

Are you able to put words in your HEART that you are SATISFIED with Jesus Christ? God is pleased with Jesus Christ, now He is pleased with you. Are you SATISFIED with Jesus who bore our sins away?

II. “He shall see his offspring.” In other words, He see a saved seed. We do not have to guess who his seed are. His seed is the generation (Ps. 22:30) that shall serve him, the whole body of God’s elect. It says that God sees the salvation of those who belong to Christ. He see our salvation and it pleases Him. God is gladdened in His HEART to see you brothers and sisters delivered from sins.

God is delighted in His HEART to see you out of every condemnation. It PLEASES the HEART of God that you shall DWELL with Him forever in His presence.

He shall see them, everyone of them...

• Justified!

• Regenerated!

• Sanctified!

• And Glorified!

John 12:24, 32

111. “He shall prolong his days.” The Servant rose from the dead. That simply means that, once he has by his death fully satisfied the justice of God and put away the sins of his people, he will be raised from the dead to declare in the most public, undeniable manner possible that all for whom he died are forever justified (Romans 4:25)

After the Servant faced the ultimate humiliation, God the father eventually exalted him. In God’s time exaltation eventually occur (Phil. 2:9).

Being raised from the dead, he shall then be exalted and glorified to give eternal life to all his redeemed ones.

John 17:2

Romans 14:9

God sees the salvation of the people of God. He knows within His own mind and HEART that we are safe and sound. Now not one of us will be lost. God is pleased to see His child brought to Him by Christ.

Are you glad that Christ saves you and say, “Heaven is mine forever”?

1V. “…my righteous servant justify many; for he shall bear their iniquities.” - the next line of verse 11: my servant will justify many.” If he bore our sin in death, therefore sin has been punished. And if our sin has been punished, we bear it no more. And if he bears it no more, we are without guilt before the father. And if we are without guilt before God, we are justified, that is acquitted, declared righteous.

The statement is very plain. Jesus Christ is an absolute and complete perfection has fulfills every law. But more than that, every possible wish that will please the HEART of God.

Jesus Christ is not only a keeper of the Law, he was a FULFILLER of every PLEASURE of God. He do this because of His love to the Father, with perfection and fullness.

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