Summary: In light of the massacre of infants at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT some maybe questioning: "Where is God in all of this?"; "Why is there evil in the world?"; "Why do the good suffer with the bad?" I believe that God has a Word that is ta

- Job lost his children to violence

- lost his character, health, wealth, and property to boot

- Job, once considered "the greatest of all the people of the East." (1:3)

- Etymologically the word "East" could be linked to the word "Oz", so I guess I could say

- Job, "Land of Oz", an enchanted land of satanic politics, lies, and deception (2:1-6)

- Job could not understand it, couldn’t make sense of it

- Eliphaz accussed him of ’secret sins’ (4:7-9)

- Bildad blamed Job’s children for their own fate (8:4)

- Elihu argues, "perhaps this evil will lead to better and greater good" (32-37)

- All trying to answer: "What, Why, How?" did it all go so wrong?

- so fast? so unthinkable? so crazy?

- Its the age old question: "Why is there evil in the world?" "Why do the good suffer with the bad?"

- Beloved don’t miss this, even in the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy had to wake up, and so did Job

- Problem: Satan

- Solution: God

- Title: "Jehovah-Rophe", the healer

- "Only God" can heal this hurt

- "Only God" can right this wrong


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