Summary: Ninth in a Series going through the New Testament


Sermon 9


In this lesson we will complete a survey of the Pastoral Epistles. These Epistles differ in style and language from Paul’s other letters. New words are found in these letters which are not used elsewhere in the New Testament. There are 82 new words used in I Timothy, 53 new words in II Timothy, and 33 new words in Titus. Because of these new words, critics have questioned their authorship by Paul. These epistles contain different subjects than his others. The contain pastoral duties, responsibility, and conduct as contrasted with sin, faith, justification, etc.

In Paul’s Church Epistles and to Philemon his salutation is twofold: “grace and peace.” In the “Pastoral Epistles” his salutation is threefold: “grace, mercy, and peace.” All Christians need grace and peace for the experiences of their christian life, but a Pastor needs the added ingredient mercy, because of his position and his dealings with many different types of personalities from all walks of life. Only a Pastor can appreciate this truth.

Pastors need a little extra from God to heal their bruises and give them the life they need. The average churchmember knows nothing of the burdens that the Pastor carries. I want to give you the Pastor’s burdens.

1. He has to conduct 150 or more services a year.

2. He has to produce around 150 sermons in a year. Might I add Fresh Sermons to the same congregation!

3. He has to please all the members of his church.

4. He has to lead Wednesday night prayer meeting week after week with half of the membership absent.

5. He has to endure the vacation months of the summer, and struggle through the sick winter months.

6. He has to visit the newcomers in the community.

7. He has to visit all the sick at home and in the hospital.

8. He has to organize visitation and pump and prime to get 10% of the Church out to win souls!!!

9. He has to attend every special meeting.

10. He’s expected to be at every birthday party.

11. He’s expected to be at every major or MINOR surgery!!!

12. He has to lead when noone will follow.

13. He has to let a little man do a big job and a big man do a little job and make them feel good about.

14. He has to get right in the middle of every fuss and fight.

15. He has to leave vacations in case of an emergency.

16. He has carry the burdens of every member of the Church, Community, his Companion and His Children!!!

17. He has to love when others hate, smile when others frown, praise when other condemn, preach when

others sleep, stand when others run, laugh when others cry, be superman when every one else wimps out!

18. He has to bind up broken hearts and fix broken homes and then gets blamed if it doesn’t work out.

19. He has to smile at empty offering plates.

20. He has to put up with nagging missionaries.

21. He has to guard against the devil’s army.

22. He has to pour out his soul to get men to give themselves to God only to see them set in their pew and pop bubble gum.




A. Writer: The Apostle Paul

B. Date: 65 A.D.

C. Purpose: I Timothy is the first of Paul’s three Pastoral letters. It is not addressed to any local assembly, but to

an individual. This Book has to do with the duties of the Pastor of a local Church.

D. Key Verse: “But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of

God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.” I Tim. 3:15

E. To Whom: Timothy, commonly known as Timotheus, is the one to whom the epistle is addressed.

1. He had a Greek father and a Jewish Mother, her name being Eunice.

2. His Grandmother, Lois, was known for her strong faith; thus, Timothy was the third generation of that family

to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

3. It is accepted that he was converted at Lystra and he accompanied Paul on the missionary journey in which

they visited this city for the second time.


A. Refuse the Teaching of good works as the Gospel - I Timothy 1:3-20

B. Revere the Church House - I Timothy 2:1-11

C. Restrain Women to their proper place - I Timothy 2:12-15

D. Reguire certain qualifications for Church Leadership - I Timothy 3:1-16

E. Reveal False Teachers - I Timothy 4:1-10

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