Summary: Jesus provides our path to the Father

The Pathway

John 14:1-6

August 2, 1998

Morning Service


I. Fiske Planetarium

A. Director’s Gimmick: Fiske Planetarium on the University of Colorado, An effort to raise money for the planetarium was done, the director produced brochures and flyers about the sale of 1,000 acre lots for a mere $20, the lots were on the planet Mars, that’s right Mars, the brochures told of all the benefits of living on Mars - lots of open space and quiet atmosphere, great deal of places for large rock gardens, pink skies make the area ideal for romantic getaways, gravity allows for better golf game, Mars has it all

B. Gimmick worked: The response to the ads and the brochures was amazing, hundreds and hundreds of people sent in their $20 for 1,000 acres of prime Martian land, people received a deed to their property, space flight insurance and a simulated sample of Martian soil, Why was this fantasy real estate so popular?, Why did so many people make these false purchases? The gimmick hits at the very basis of human need, the three key needs that every person has: security, acceptance and direction

II. Human Need

A. Security: In modern society there is little to rely on, we live in a rapidly changing world, nothing stays the same, Elliot Estes says it best - “If something has been done a particular way for 15 or 20 years, it’s a pretty good sign, in these changing times, that it is being done the wrong way.” life never stays the same, everything is in a state of change, we don’t like change because it destroys our stability and our security, we want things to be rock solid and stay that way, life is anything but rock solid, we want that sense of stability - a sense of peace

B. Acceptance: Every person on earth wants to feel accepted, we all want people to like us, we want a sense that we belong, we want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, we want a place where we belong,

C. Direction: Every person wants to have a sense of where they are going, the future is uncertain but we want to know where we are going, we need a sense of direction - to move toward the future with some idea of where we are headed, we want to follow a specific pathway

How does the Bible address these issues of life?



1. Peace is promised

A. Peace of mind with security system

B. Jesus is the source for peace: Jesus provides security to those who believe, they will have peace, peace that surpasses all understanding, trust in Jesus He gives us perfect peace, peace in the midst of our deepest pain, Jesus brings peace that is a new security, knowledge that he is watching over us and protecting us

2. Place is prepared

A. The rich woman and te gardener

B. Jesus has a special place for us: God created the earth in six days, Jesus has been preparing our place for two thousand years, heaven is a fantastic place, house with many rooms, place of splendor - glory of Jesus with shine and light everything, not even a shadow exists there, place that is happy - Jesus is the center of heaven and the praises ring to him, the joy shall never end. place of inhabitants - heaven is not empty it is filled with people, saints of old and clouds of witnesses who were faithful ages ago, friends and loved ones will be reunited, place where Jesus is

3. Pathway provided

A. Missionary Path:

B. Jesus is the pathway: Everyone wants to go to heaven, Jesus gives us the ultimate direction for this life and the next, we just need to follow Him, we can go there but must be God’s way, we can not get there by any other means, Jesus is the way, God provided Jesus to know the way, show the way and go the way, all we have to do is follow Him and he will lead us home, this world this place is not our home we are just passing through, travelers on our way to a greater home, Jesus can and will show you the way if you let him


I. The Retired Missionary Couple: The return to USA after they retired, Traveling with Teddy Roosevelt, The president received tremendous fanfare and attention when he entered the boat, Missionaries were upset, Arrive at New York and the fanfare continues, missionaries still are upset because their lives were for God and they retired with nothing, they finally prayed about this situation, God spoke to the man and told him he wasn’t home yet

II. Heaven’s Homecoming: This is the kind of welcome you will receive, it is in the eternal home of heaven that we will find the ultimate security, ultimate acceptance and ultimate direction, all of our needs will be met there, we will want for nothing, it is at that point that we will be able to see Jesus face to face, are you missing some security - Jesus offers the best security system there is, are you feeling left out - Jesus wants to welcome you with open arms, are you lacking direction for life - Jesus wants to give you some divine direction

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