Summary: This is the seventh and final sermon in a series on Philippians. Paul tells the church to be at peace.

I. Introduction

a. These are Paul’s final words to the Philippians

II. Peace with Others (1-3)

a. God wants us to be a peace with others.

b. God wants us to help others be at peace with each other.

III. Peace with Self (4-9)

a. We find peace with ourselves by

i. Rejoicing in the Lord

ii. Being Gentle in Spirit

iii. Being a person of Prayer

iv. Committing ourselves to Godliness

v. Practice what Paul did

IV. Peace with Circumstances (10-23)

a. No matter what circumstances we have, we can have peace. (12-13)

b. God will supply all our needs (19)

V. Conclusion

a. Paul encouraged the Church to be at peace with everything.

i. At Peace with Others

ii. At Peace with Self

iii. At peace in circumstances

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