Summary: Jesus saw us in our "war" and in His Compassion, He longed to bring us "peace."

“The Peacemaker” Matthew 5:9 Beatitudes - #7

Intro: (Local Festival Rumble - Confrontation - Threw some weak punches - Went Home

I was young - Didn’t make much sense to me)

As I grew up, I realized that many people did not live “at peace” with each other. Kids vs.

Kids; Kids - Parents; Husbands - Wives; Teammates; Player - Coach; Boss - Employee;

Next-Door Neighbors; Relatives; In-laws; and Church Members. Wherever you have

people, there seems to be plenty of disagreements and “warring” going on. I’ve noticed

that there are plenty of “Warriors” among us, but very few “Peacemakers.”

However, in Matthew 5:9, Jesus tells us it is a Blessed thing to be a “Peacemaker.” That we

will experience a deep sense of satisfaction and joy if we are Peacemakers. So, who is

the peacemaker? What do they look like? How do we become one? (First of all.....)


Romans 5:1 says, “..since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God

through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

It is only after we have made true peace with God that we can rightly deal with our problems.

We all have a battle raging within us. The Devil is actively fighting for our souls. It’s an

internal war that not everyone can see, but one that we who are Christians have felt,

sometimes with a gut-wrenching intensity. When we’ve “made peace with God,” it is here

where we can know that His Promises are True, He is Faithful and that He is our Everything.


Romans 14:19 says, “...let us make every effort to do what leads to peace and

mutual edification.”

This is where we share the Peace we have with God with others who so desperately need it.

This is where we can lift up others, encourage them, edify them, maybe help them to see the

“Big Picture,” that God is Sovereign, that He is in control and that we have the Victory through

faith in Him. “Peacemaking” is not a concept, it’s an activity. It’s not passive, it’s active.

It’s not something you are, it’s something you do. (You receive His Peace and pass it on.)


Romans 12:21 says, “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

As a peacemaker, we will not be concerned about “killing off the enemy” which solves

nothing. We will want to work to solve disputes, to reconcile differences and to form and

build relationships. Jesus does not teach us to “annihilate those who oppose us,” but

rather to “love our enemies” and to attempt to make peace with them. This is hard to

understand at times, and yet it’s what Jesus said and it’s what His Life modeled for us.

With God’s Peace within us, and with His Spirit’s working, we can “overcome evil with good”

in ways that seem impossible to us, but very possible with God. (No “eye for eye”)

There is a myth about “peacemakers” that I want us to get straight. “Peacemakers” love

peace, but they do not passively accept trouble. They are persons who are “strong in the

Lord” and do not remove themselves from conflict and troubles. They will stand strong

in the face of adversity and will not run away from the problem. They will face it and

address it in a bold and righteous way. They will face trials like Christ Himself did.

Matthew 5:9 goes on to say that peacemakers will be called Sons of God. This will be the

reward of the true peacemaker. We will be “Adopted” as a child of Almighty God.

Read Galatians 4:4-7. Here’s where it gets Exciting! As a “peacemaker,” through Jesus

Christ, we become HEIRS and obtain the “full rights of an adopted son.” Means 3 things:

1. It means we’re adopted permanently. Under Roman Law, you could not be adopted one

day and disinherited the next.

2. It means we immediately have all the rights and privileges that other family members have.

Even though a person was not a “Blood Relative,” the Righteousness of the Blood

of Jesus Christ, intercedes here and gives us the “full rights of an adopted son.”

3. The adopted son was looked upon as a NEW PERSON. Any old debts and obligations

with his former family and life were canceled out and were treated as if they

had never existed. Scripture says that as believers, we are “joint-heirs” of Jesus

Christ. Because of HIM, we receive an INHERITANCE that we don’t deserve.

By His Grace, Mercy and Love and by our Belief in Him, all of it is ours!

Conclusion: What’s the most important reason to be a “Peacemaker?” Simply because

Jesus was a peacemaker. Not only was He a peacemaker, HE WAS THE PEACEMAKER!

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