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Summary: God's plan of Redemption for man seems like foolishness to the lost man but makes sense to the believer.

Intro: In our text there is a statement that should make us stop in our tracks. For the novice in Scripture or a skeptic, that statement could be misunderstood. In context it is clear. The Bible is not saying God is foolish, but that the most simple thought of God is greater than the greatest thought of man!

We must acknowledge that there is no foolishness in the Nature of God.

Many reject the things of God because they do not understand how God could love them. How God could become flesh, why God would die for them - but what seems foolish about God’s ways is wiser than anything man has ever or will ever know. Foolishness is not what God is, but how God is perceived by finite and weak humanity.

I. The Price for sin is Foolish to the Doomed - vs. 18

The Cross - The very thing that is the stumbling block to people accepting the gospel is the very thing that most clearly reveals the wisdom of God.

A. The Cross Reminds Mankind of their Corruption

1. We do not like the cross because it reminds us of how truly evil our sin is.

Many think of sin as fun. Make jokes about it and laugh at it. We take sin lightly.

2. The cross stands as a stark reminder that God does not share our laughter.

The cross reveals the wrath of God against godlessness and wickedness of mankind.

B. The Cross Rejects our Competency

1. The cross because it destroys our pride. Our works are not good enough.

We cannot pray away our sin. We cannot fast it away. We cannot render acts of service that will make God forget it. The only hope we have is to trust what Christ did for us on the cross.

2. The only way to come to the cross is in humility! You do not come to Calvary puffed up with self reliance! But in humility, seeking mercy.

C. The Cross Removes our Comfort - It is Repulsive - We also do not like the cross because it is so offensive. The very idea of a sacrifice seems primitive. If God wanted to forgive our sin, why didn’t He just forgive them? Why did He require blood and sacrifice?

1. We want a “Lite” Gospel – Something not so heavy.

Of course, what we want is the same thing the Corinthians wanted. They wanted a gospel that is easy on sin, easy on sacrifice and easy on the wrath of God.

2. We Want an “Instant” Gospel – Something that we can quickly pop in our lives and be done with it. No Change in the life, No conversion of the soul!

3. We want a “Universal” Gospel – doesn’t matter which road you take, it all leads to the same place – That is a Hellish doctrine!

4. We want a “New and Improved” Gospel - There is no “new improved” gospel. The Only True Gospel is where one can be saved by the blood of the Lamb!

II. The Preaching to Sinners is Foolish to those in Denial - vs. 21-23

Did not say foolish preaching, but the foolishness of Preaching.

A. The Members of God’s Army (vs. 23 - Paul said “WE”)

B. The Message of God’s Army

1. The Basis of it All - vs. 23 “ Christ Crucified” - That is enough!

There is no other way, no other Foundation than Christ Jesus Crucified and Risen!

2. The Benefit of it All – vs. 31 - That foolishness to the child of God becomes:

- Wisdom - Once fools, now wise

- Righteousness – Once weak, or sick in sin, now Justified and clean

- Sanctification – Once base, lowly and common, now Set apart unto God

- Redemption – Once Despised, of no account

– BUT NOW Bought with a Price above Measure

III. The Plan of a Savior is Foolish to the Depraved - back up to vs. 25

A. The Necessary Recognition - Only Jesus Saves - Some say we all pray to the same God, but the Foolishness of Preaching God’s Word calls that a lie!

B. The Necessary Repentance - Not Reforming! God is the only answer.

C. The Necessary Reliance - Faith - Accepting God’s wisdom that seems foolish to man - You mean all I have to do is turn to Christ and believe with my heart? Seems too simple? Jesus did the hard part already! You are not good enough, you must trust Him - to the flesh, that seems foolish! But it is God’s and is wiser than man’s greatest thoughts!

Concl. How the Message of God is Preached - vs. 25-28

It is not by the philosophies of mankind, or the education of great minds.

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