Summary: Trying to prove to the listener that the church can do amazing things when there is commitment to Christ at the foundation of the church.

The Perfect Church- Is It Really Possible?

What is your picture of the perfect world?

To me- it includes the perfect church

But there is no perfect church

What would the perfect church look like?

95% approval rate on a $90 mil. relocation?

3000 person growth in one day?

Small groups – growing spiritually?

Everyone’s main goal is evangelism?

How do we make that dream a reality? (in Petersburg)

Yeah, but what you just said can’t be reality!

It is reality for 2 churches:

Southeast Christian

The early church

How did they do it?


The church has to be unified to accomplish the above tasks

The power of a unified group is amazing

Alexander the Great 356-323 BC

336-323 BC- conquered the known world

Mk. 3:24, 25; Jn. 17:20, 21

Purpose of unification: for the world to believe

The world can see how we treat each other

But where does unity come from?


Unity’s foundation is commitment to Jesus Christ

Mt. 16:24-27

He is commanding your priority list

It’s easy to put job first

Vacation first

Sports first

Popularity and Parties first

We get so wrapped up in us and not the Son

If you’re not committed to Christ, you’re committed to self

Take the issue of music

Either you please God

Or you please self

It proves where your commitment is

This works with every other issue as well:

Budget, church attendance and participation, etc…

Can you picture it?

Our church making a huge impact on our community

It depends on us and our commitment level

Where is your commitment level at today?

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