Summary: God’s Word provides us with the perfect meal whenever we want such a meal.

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The Perfect Food

Purpose Driven Life #24


January 31, 2004

We like to eat. One of the most popular activities around church is our community meals- potluck meals. They are always popular and attendance is sometimes higher- maybe, often higher- on a week when we have one of those meals. We all enjoy snacks with our coffee after church, too. It seems that coffee demands something with it; even when we go out for coffee, it’s nice to have a donut, a muffin, or a cookie with that coffee.

As we think about food for a bit, I’m wondering what are some of your favourites? What are your favourite beverages? Breads? Meals? And, most importantly, what are your favourite desserts? (get comments from the congregation).

I like a great cup of coffee. I like warm cinnamon raisin bread. For a meal, I really enjoy great lasagna or tacos, when Lynn makes them. And for dessert, above all others, I enjoy Lynn’s carrot cake, butter tarts, or date squares.

I’d like you to consider the perfect meal, and it is not what any of us has suggested; it’s not even what I have suggested here today.

1 Pet.2.2- God’s Word is the perfect beverage, we’re told- it holds the milk we need.

Matt.4.4- God’s Word is the finest of bread. It’s better than manna, which was referred to as ’angels’ food’, and was, apparently, as sweet as crystalline honey.

1 Cor.3.2- God’s Word is the meat we need to seek- it’s the finest of meats. I grew up with meat and I surely do enjoy a good beef meal or a good chicken meal. As a special meal, I would enjoy a beef Wellington, and, in Korea, one meal I really enjoy is a chicken dish called samgyetang (which is baby-chicken and ginseng soup).

Psa.110.103- God’s Word is the perfect dessert, too. Meals with dessert are special meals. I know that I grew up with hardly a meal without dessert. We had dessert for dinner, and supper, as well as for snack in mid-afternoon, and sometimes before going to bed, too. In our home, now, we hardly have dessert; it is a special meal for which we have dessert. This makes it special for us and is one mark of that more special meal.

Last week, we thought about our growing and I hope you have your cards to show yourself some growth. Do you have yours? I celebrate the growth you knew because awareness, alone, is growth. (Pray about the growth and the process each went through last week.) We thought, together, about how change begins in the mind. When we think differently, we feel differently, and then we act differently. To begin to think differently, we have to put different thoughts and different information in our minds.

Acts 30.32- have someone read this. Notice how powerful God’s Word is. It gives us everything we need. Transformation takes place in our minds as we put God’s Word there. As we fill ourselves with the Word, we change. Sometimes, the change is ever so slow, but sometimes we make monumental changes in a short time- sometimes simply changing the way we look at something can make all the difference, and we’re like new people. We need to feed richly on the Word- to drink it, eat it, and enjoy it.

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