Summary: Discover the nature of God’s provision in His revelation of Himself as "Jehovah Jirah"

The Perfect Provider

Genesis 22:1-14

INTRO: 1. ILL. A pastor had received a offering for the poor and had in mind who he was going to give to. Went to her house. It appeared she was home. Windows opened, flower pots set out. Knocked and knocked, but no answer. Next morning she answered the door, but appeared upset— he asked why— she shared her fear of landlord and said he’d come by just yesterday, but she was too afraid to answer door. Pastor revealed it was him. She shook her head and said, My fear of the landlord almost cost be a blessing. I wouldn’t open the door for God.

2. Too often we’re prone to count on disaster, failure, bankrupcy, fear when we should be counting on God.

3. It’s not enough to see God as a provider, we must see Him as THE PROVIDER!

4. Like Abraham we need a fresh revelation of Jehovah as our Provider.

a. Before he ever got to Mt. Moriah he understood God to be the Provider, because when his son questioned him about the sacrifice he answered

“ God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering:”

b. But how many of you know that what we need is not merely and mental understanding of God, but we need a revelation of God?

(revelation reaches deep, it impacts the inner man, changes you in His glory)

c. When God was finished with Abraham that day, Abraham left a memorial to stand as a constant reminder of the living God and called it “Jehovah Jirah” which simply means ‘Jehovah will provide’.

5. A revelation of Jehovah Jirah not only reveals what he is, but how he is.

a. We encounter a person, not a principle, or a teaching, but Jesus–our Jehovah Jirah!

(Like meeting a stranger, you walk away remembering how they are)

b. We lose sight of just the end result, but we see Him for all He is.

(See not the Provision, but The Provider)

c. In it we discover, the nature of His provision. (As much power in how God does something as in what God accomplishes)

6. This kind of revelation won’t leave us with a shallow understanding of His provision.

a. We walk away in awe of the perfectness of His provision. (From every angle like a diamond)

a. Perfect in it’s Timing. (never early, never late)

b. Perfect in it’s Method. (How we need it)

c. Perfect in it’s Supply. (Always just what we needed)

d. Perfect in it’s Strategy. (Fulfills what he’s sent it to)

e. Perfect in it’s Identity. (Walk away knowing only God could do this)

7. My prayer today, is that you’ll leave this place not with mere facts about His provision, but with a revelation of Jehovah Jirah among us.


a) God’s provision is perfect because of God’s ability to see tomorrow as if it were today.

b) “Jirah” holds a two-fold meaning both ‘to provide’ and ‘to foresee’

c) This meaning is suggested in vs. 14.

Gen. 22:14 And Abraham called the name of that place Jehovahjireh: as it is said to this day, In the mount of the LORD it shall be seen.

d) Abraham was saying in this declaration – Because God saw it yesterday, His provision is seen today.


1. Where did that Ram come from anyway?

2. A few days before Abraham had reached the mountain, a shepherd had lost a ram.

(A perfect ram, one that met all the qualifications for sacrifice to a holy God)

3. What others may see as mere chance, we know that it was God preparing the way.

4. Before man was ever shaped from the dust of the earth, God had already provided a sacrifice for our sins.

Rev. 13:8 ... the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

5. He knows what you’ll need tomorrow and he’s already prepared the provision.


1. Abraham hadn’t made a single request to God– I don’t believe he knew what to pray for or how to pray in this matter. (Sometimes we simply don’t know what we need)

2. God doesn’t with-hold his provision because of our ignorance, but like a loving Father will often surprise us with exactly what we need.

3. I also believe that God can even hear tomorrow’s prayers today.

Is. 65:24 And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; ...

4. Don’t stop praying, God still desires that we ask for His provision. But don’t be surprised to discover that He’s already started answering it before you ever asked.


a. God will often take us through a process that will bring us to our provision. A process that changes us.

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