Summary: Speaking about a Wasted or wise life, this message calls us to examine ourselves.

The Person I’m Designed to Be

James 1:22-25

* Have you ever taken a few minutes to consider this question? “What am I really designed to be?” Think about it this way, according to Jeremiah 1:4-5, the same God who designed the entire universe is the one who formed you in your mother’s womb. (Read Jer. 1:4-5) This thought is both incredible and sobering. For me, there are times when I wonder if God needs to do a ‘recall’ on his design? Actually, one of my goals for life is to become what my creator had in mind when He created me.

* In this room we have many who have discovered what God designed you to be vocationally, professionally, and even in service. Not everyone can lead a community as an elected official, not everyone has the makeup which allows them to serve and protect the community by facing danger, and not everyone has the know how to serve the many ways you serve. These are the skills for which God has given us the aptitude to develop. However, whether a preacher, fireman, policeman, mayor, lawyer, or doctor, the question becomes: “Is this all that I am designed to be?” The answer is no.

* In our original design, we have been made in the image of Jehovah God, given the innate desire and ability to know God, and do what He wants us to do. It is in this way that we discover real, authentic, exciting, eye-popping life. So the question is ‘How do we do this’, ‘how do we become all that God wants us to be?’ Turn with me to James 1:22-25.

* Contained in these verses of scripture are words which always catch my attention. The word “doer” leads the list because, by nature, I am a ‘doer.’ Another word which catches my attention is “listener” (because my wife expects me to listen). The concept of a mirror is a little frightening while the concept of ‘forgetful’ hits a little too close to home. The serious fear for me in found in the words “deceiving yourselves” because it is so easily to be self-deceived. It is a rare person who voluntarily evaluates themselves to see themselves in light of the larger truth. Without evaluation, deception is easy.

* The last line in this passage has my attention. A blessed life is God’s desire for each of us. From this slither of God’s word, we can discover the life that is not worth living as well as the life that is worth living.

1. The Wasted Life – There are many different ways to waste a life. Addictions which are not confronted bad habits which are not broken, attitudes which tear down, along with a myriad of other things; all work together to form & fashion a life that never completes his/her design. A lawnmower is designed to cut grass and a boat is designed for use on the water. Can you imagine investing in a mower or boat only to sit & look at them?

a. A Foolish Person – is a person who chooses to make up his own rules for life. He may listen to what other people and the Bible says, but the truth is ‘he knows best.’ In fact, this person questions whether god even exists.

The Person I’m designed to be – Pg 2

* Psalms 14:1 says, “The fool says in his heart, "God does not exist." Jesus taught that the foolish man built his house on the foundation of sand. The person who sets their own standards, makes up their own rules, and lives by their own code is a person who is foolish because they have, by their actions said, “There is no God.” When you live only by rules you make, you get what you are capable of. When you live only by the rules of society, you get what society can give. When you live only by the rules set forth by God, you will get what only God can give. Don’t be a foolish person.

b. A Forgetful Person – Most of the time we read these verses in this way, “He is like a man who looks in a mirror, goes away, and forgets what he looks like.” (Sometimes forgetfulness is good!) What this person forgets is that ‘he/she is just as human as the next person.’ The Bible teaches that we are all sinners and that no one is without sin. It is an easy thing to forget my sin while looking in judgment on another person who has sinned. Think about it this way; the mirrors in Bible days were not as polish as ours are today. In fact, if I were to take a dull finished metal pot & use it to see my reflection this would be similar to the image they saw. Why is this important? If we used a bad mirror, we will get a flawed image & impression. That type of understanding will lead us to forget what we are when left to ourselves.

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