Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: To remind us of the rich blessing that we have in Godly mothers.


II Timothy 1:5,6

My brothers and my sisters, we’ve been blessed to once again to witness another Mother’s Day. To some we are still blessed to have our moms with us, while there are many whose mothers are gone home to be with the Lord. But it is safe to say that many of us can say that we all experienced a time in our live when Mama persuaded our lives.

Thinking of my experiences with my mom and watching my wife deal with our children. I feel doubly blessed to have two good women in my life. Which makes me believe that God took extra care when He made mothers and wives. He equipped good mothers and wives with things that we cannot see in others. She have x-ray eyes that can see through walls and doors where the children are playing and can tell when Tomfoolery is engaged. She have more than one set of hands, so that she can do many things for the family all at one time. A big heart that allows her to love her family no matter what. She have the energy of an nuclear reactor that appears to never get tired, because she can work all day at a job, fight traffic or the subways to get home, and when she gets home, she transforms into a cook, teachers, chauffeur, maid and wife, to those of us who act as if that is what she suppose to do. She is our doctor and a nurse with out ever going to med school, because she had one time or another kissed where the child hurt and have nursed her husband back into good health. She is a minister that keeps the family before the throne of God, she intercedes for errant family members, and through it all she is able to keep her sanity and good looks. I tell you I believe that God took extra care when He made mothers and wives. This is why she is honored today. In light of it all Bill Cosby says, that a father can take a boy, teach him how to catch a ball, instruct him in the art of tackling and blocking, sit through every game he ever plays and when he make it to the professional level and does something great on the field and the camera swings his way, you would think that he would say thanks Dad, but no, he would say, “Hi Mom.”

In this text we find the Apostle Paul recognizing the undying faith that was instilled in young Timothy. But most importantly he recognizes where or from whom he received it. If we would take a look at Timothy’s life you would find that he had a Greek father and his mother according to Acts 16:1 was a Jew although the name Eunice was Greek. He also had present in his life his grandmother Lois. Paul remembers Timothy’s mother and grandmother for the genuine faith they had. In fact Timothy had one of the greatest privileges that a child can have and that was that he had a strong Christian mother and grandmother. His mother and grandmother were staunch believers who were faithful to God’s Word every day of their lives. This was and still is the key in any family: to be faithful to God’s Word every day. Timothy’s mother and grandmother had taught Timothy the Scriptures from earliest childhood according to II Timothy 3:15and the results were rewarding. So, come with me as I talk with you about The Persuasive power of a Godly Mother. First of all. . .


“When I call to remembrance the unfeigned faith that is in thee,”

My brothers and sister there is something encouraging about a young person who exhibits good Christian upbringing, especially in this era of young people wearing their pants below their waist, body piercing and lack of good home training. In fact it is encouraging to see and hear a young person that have good Christian manners. Paul saw the latter in young Timothy. He had an untiring veal to please the Lord that his mother and grandmother told him about. We should note that not too much is said about his father. But what we do know is that he was of Greek descent. In-fact the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia said that he was a heathen Greek. Now don’t get up and armed about what was said about his Dad because anyone who was not of the Jewish descent was considered a heathen. Even today’s orthodox descendants of Israel still considers us as heathens although we have been washed in the blood of the Lamb. But very little was said about Timothy’s father. But the apostle knew of his grandmother and mother who were saved during a meeting in Lystra and they raised Timothy in the fear of the Lord, in-fact his name meant “one that fears God” and his life showed it. It was so evident in his life that Paul saw that he could nurture him for ministry. On Paul’s 2nd visit to Derbe and Lystra, Paul noticed Timothy’s growth, and seeing his unfeigned faith, that from a child he had known the sacred Scriptures of the Old Testament and seeing also his Christian character and demeanor and his entire suitableness for the work of the ministry, he would have him "to go forth with him" in the ministry as found in Acts 16:3. So, the persuasive power of Timothy’s mother and grandmother allowed him to have a fulfilling life in ministry with the Apostle Paul.

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