Summary: # 6 Final in the series - "The Six Pillars of A Powerful Church" - The Pillar of Service Matthew 10:40-42

"The Six Pillars of A Powerful Church" -

The Pillar of Service Matthew 10:40-42

Today we close out our time of looking at the six pillars of a powerful church – and this pillar is the culmination of all the others. The reason that this is a required pillar in making a church strong is found in Matthew 20:28. That Jesus Himself came not be served but to serve… with that the church must have not merely the same attitude but the same actions!

This biblical charge is seen in our scripture today. In Matthew 10:40-42 - (READ)

Jesus has been preparing his newly charged dozen to go out in order to serve, and as He closes this charge to them HE points them to a two sided issue.

1. Those being served. 2. Those who are serving.

We will focus on the second group and the things that Jesus is telling them to do.

First in verse 40 – Jesus says that in your serving it will be God in Jesus Christ working through you. If you stop and think about it this is a very heavy concept. This dirty dozen, the twelve disciples would have understood what Jesus was actually telling them. That GOD Himself would work through them.

Second in verse 41 – He says - those that you serve, who actually open up and allow you to serve them, will see, hear and receive… basically that in serving them they will see Jesus, thus God, through the service that you give. And be more willing to hear and receive the message of Jesus Christ.

And finally in verse 42 – even the smallest of acts, the smallest of service done as a disciple with the heart of a servant carries both a great impact and a great reward.

Just as Jesus gave this charge to serve to this ragtag bunch of newly appointed disciples HE gives that same charge to His church and to you today.

With this understanding that the charge to serve is as simple as that, let’s jump quickly to its application.

Because we cannot neglect this pillar of serving our community –

One – we are told to do so in the Bible… Two if we don’t show the community that we care then they won’t care about anything we have to say.

So - this charge applies to the church as a whole and to every Christian…

You’ve heard of the Dead Sea? It is called the Dead Sea for a reason. It is so salty that it contains no fish or plant life. Why? Because there are absolutely no outlets! Water pours into it, but nothing flows out.

This law of nature also applies to God’s church, and it explains why many believers are so unfruitful and lacking in spiritual vitality. It’s possible for some people to attend church, Bible conferences, listen to Christian radio, and continually take in sermons and yet seem lifeless and unproductive in their Christian lives. These are like the Dead Sea. They have several “inlets” but no “outlets.” To be vibrant and useful believers, we must not only “take in” all we can, but we must also “give out” in service to others!

Now – before you say, “Oh I can’t do anything.” Or “God doesn’t want to use me.” Let me share a few Biblical facts with you …

Sure - There are many reasons why God shouldn’t have called you. But don’t worry. You’re in good company.

• Moses stuttered and Abraham was too old.

• David’s armor didn’t fit, he was too young & he had an affair

• Timothy had ulcers. Naomi was a widow.

• Amos’ only training was in the school of fig-tree pruning.

• Solomon was too rich and the Widow was too poor.

• Peter was afraid of death and Lazarus was dead.

• John was self-righteous and Jeremiah was depressed and suicidal.

• Paul was a murderer. (So was Moses)

• Jonah ran from God, Gideon and Thomas both doubted.

• Elijah was burned out & John the Baptist was a loudmouth.

• Martha was a worry-wart and Mary was lazy.

• Samson had long hair and Noah got drunk.

But fortunately God doesn’t require a job interview. He’s not prejudiced or partial, not judging, grudging, not sassy or brassy, not deaf to our cry, not blind to our need.

What He looks for is a heart and soul willing to be used…

Since God has charged us with and called us to serve not to be served – and you can see that God uses anyone HE chooses... I want you to take a biblical lesson to heart as you prepare to serve…

It can be SIMPLE – Matthew 25:35-40. In Matthew 25 Jesus list some very simple every day things that made a great impact It does not have to be some elaborate scheme. A phone call or a warm friendly hello. It can be lending a hand at the homeless shelter or volunteering to help someone move, it could be carrying groceries for someone, it could be carrying garbage…. The list is endless and yet each act done in -

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